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Wine Deluxe

Welcome to Wine Deluxe, we are the experts on Australian wine and everything connected to its history and how it is produced.

From the early settlers back in 1788 who brought the first vines over from Europe, the Australian wine industry has never looked back. Wine Deluxe can answer all your questions on where and how the Australian wine industry started, who now produces the wine and where it is grown.

History of Australian Wine

New South Wales was the original start of the Australian wine industry, as the Immigrants landed in Sydney Harbour they brought with them vines from Europe that they planted in what is now known as the Hunter Valley.

One hundred years later at the latter part of the 1890’s wine was being produced not only in the Hunter Valley but also the Barossa and Yarra valleys.

The Early Wines

In the early days the fledgling Australian wine industry primarily focused on fortified wines, the reason for this is that the extra alcohol in the fortified wine protected it from micro-organisms and from turning sour.


The Wine Deluxe Mission

Wine Deluxe are determined to find the most accurate wine information possible on the formation of the wine industry in Australia. How the early producers had to fight disease and to cope with different soil and climatic problems that all affected the growth and quality of the vines.

We also take it upon ourselves to understand who are the major producers and why the produce the types of wine they do.

Wine Deluxe is for people who are serious about their wine, want to understand and learn more about the Australian industry and find accurate and correct information in one place.