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As we all know, wine glasses are made of glass, hence the name. But are they always? Well, the answer is no, not all wine glasses are glass. In fact, there is such a thing as wooden wine glasses. More correctly called, goblets, wooden wine glasses hearken back to a time in which glass was a relatively rare commodity that not everyone could afford.
So what is the point of wooden wine glasses? Really, there are a variety of uses for wooden wine glasses; you’re only limited by your imagination. One of the most popular uses for wooden wine glasses is for use as wedding favors. Wooden wine glasses are easily customizable, so you can get them made with the names of those getting married, along with the date.
Wooden wine glasses also make great collectors’ items. You don’t have to limit yourself to getting your goblet personalized for a wedding – it can be for anything! In fact, many wineries in Napa Valley have been getting personalized goblets made with their winery’s name on it for patrons to buy.
Because wooden wine glasses bring the ancient past to mind, they have become very popular at Renaissance Fairs. They really do look like a goblet out of an old sword-and-sandal movie and make a great addition to any Ren Fair. Many Renaissance Fairs have booths that deal in goblets, and they are very popular. You can almost picture Vikings drinking mead from these classic cups.
If you want to get some wooden wine glasses, you’ll have many styles to choose from. The most common woods that they are made out of include ambrosia maple, black walnut, and bamboo. They can be stained any variety of colors, from classic to modern. Another great thing about these wooden goblets is that they are durable. You will be very hard-pressed to try and break a wooden glass, as opposed to the standard thin, fragile glass stemware. Wooden goblets can take all any kind of beating and pretty much handle anything you throw at them.
It may seem like a strange idea, but there is a market for wooden wine glasses. These goblets bring the days of yore to mind, and there is just something classic about drinking out of a wooden cup. It’s said that all the cups at The Last Supper were made of wood, and it makes perfect sense given the era. Wood was the most common and most affordable resource around and just about everyone had access to it. These days, we have spent much of our wood resource, and are a bit more mindful of how we use it, so now might be a good time to snatch up a wooden goblet or two. You never know, in a few years you may not be able to get them anymore! It’s a bit of a stretch, but regardless, these goblets are just neat to have around the house and serve as a great talking piece when you have guest over to enjoy some great wine!

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