Wine Tote Cooler: When You and Your Wine Are on the Move

Just because you’re really into wine doesn’t mean you only drink it at home or at snobby restaurants. On the contrary, many wine lovers will indulge in their favorite beverage just about anywhere! A wine tote cooler is perfect for an occasion in which you need to transport your favorite bottle or bottles of wine anywhere.

Say you’re going to a picnic and want to bring your favorite vintage. You already have it stored at the perfect temperature, but you know that once you take it out of your wine cooler it will quickly begin to lose its temperature. Not to mention the long drive to your destination! If you live in a really hot area or it’s just a very hot summer day, that car ride will likely cause the wine to get far too hot. Such wide temperature variations are not good for your wine, and a simple cooler will make it far too cold – especially if it is a red. A wine tote cooler, on the other hand, is perfectly insulated and will keep your wine at the temperature you had it stored at. Right where you want it!

Since most picnics occur in warm weather, you have to assume that your wine will quickly heat up in such a situation if not properly protected. Once again, your wine tote cooler will save the day! You can take the bottle out and pour your wine at your leisure, put the cork back in and put it back in the tote until you need to pour again. It’s that easy!

Even if you are just going to a friend’s house with your wine it may spoilt he temperature. Even if your friend has a wine cooler with the proper setting, even if your bottle will just be going form cooler to cooler, there’s still a chance that things will get mucked up and your wine won’t be as perfect as you want it to be. There will never be a need to apologize with a wine tote cooler.
You could go on and on with all the appropriate uses of a wine tote cooler, with hundreds of proper instances and situations, but it all boils down to convenience. It’s just a lot easier to have one than not!

Wine tote coolers even come in different sizes. There’s the ever-popular single-bottle tote, of course, but they can hold much, much more! There are two-bottle versions, and even six-bottle versions! Of course, when you’re carrying that much wine, things get a bit heavy so these six-bottle versions are appropriately tough. They’re made from durable Rip-Stop nylon, and you can even get them with an attractive faux-leather finish. A tote such as this will cost you about $50, while a single-bottle tote will run about $15-$20 and a two-bottle tote will run about $20-$30.

If you love wine and you’re always on-the-go, it might be a good idea to go out and pick up a wine tote cooler. It lets you take your wine everywhere you go and enjoy it at the proper temperature!