Wine Rack Dimensions: How to Figure Them?

Any serious wine lover has a wine rack. A wine rack tells the world that you’ve gone far beyond dabbling in wine; you’re taking that extra step and demonstrating your love of wine by investing in actual furniture to keep your wine. Usually, your wine collection will grow out of its holding area and you’ll need that wine rack sooner or later! Once you run out of space to hold all your wine bottles you’ll definitely start looking for a good wine rack. If you want to build your own, rather than buy one, you may be considering building your rack. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to dimensions and the like, however, you can use blueprints to find the proper wine rack dimensions.

Such blueprints are essentially plans and directions on how to build a wine rack. It supplies you with the diagrams and wine rack dimensions; all you need are the tools and a little skill. If you are a real woodworker, you might scoff at the idea, but for many these blueprints are lifesavers. It’s not that these other folks couldn’t manage without the blueprints; it is just that they sure do make the job a whole lot easier and make everything run a lot better.

These blueprints with your wine rack dimensions and designs are pretty easy to come by. If you have a shop nearby that deals in crafts or woodworking supplies, you might try there first. You might even be able to connect with a professional on-site that has worked with a particular pattern or design and can give you some tips.

The best place to find patterns with wine rack dimensinos and designs, without a doubt, is the Internet. At a store you might have to pay a small amount for the pattern you want, on the Internet you can find pretty much whatever blueprint you want completely free of charge. Lots of woodworking professionals and hobbyists are willing to share their craft on the Internet for free. The communities made up of these professionals and hardcore hobbyists are just looking to share and get a little feedback. You can easily find such patterns and designs in PDF or HTML format – both of which are perfect for printing and having right at your workbench as you work on your wine rack.

In actuality, the first place you really should look for blueprints for your wine rack is the Internet. For instance, one can do a search and find out in no time that the end panels for a countertop wine rack are 6″ x 12″ and the cross rails are 3″ x 24″. Local shops are great for networking with knowledgeable folks, but you may end up getting suckered into spending money when you don’t have to if you aren’t careful. As great as it is to support small businesses, you have to look out for #1, as no one else is. Try going into a local shop with your downloaded free pattern in-hand and start networking from there, rather than getting suckered into spending your hard-earned money. If you don’t have such a place or individual locally, the Internet can once again come in handy in the form of communities such as forums and mailing lists dedicated to woodworking where you can talk to people all across the planet that have undertaken a wine rack project.