Wine Rack Cabinets: Does Your Collection Warrant Them?

Wine rack cabinets are a type of wine bottle and glass holder that’s extremely popular and come in many shapes in sizes. Usually, such cabinets have suspended racks for glasses. The glasses are slid into supporting bars which offer an attractive way to showcase your glass collection and offer an easy way to store a lot of glasses. A mark of distinction for any wine collector is the time and money they invest in their wine storage. A great wine master always has more than enough wine bottles and glasses and a stylish way to hold them.

Wine rack cabinets are great investments for any wine drinker that wants to keep their bottles and glasses accessible but out of the way. Best of all, wine rack cabinets are found in almost any budget range, and can fit in the kitchen, bar or cellar.

Wine rack cabinets are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. One that is classic includes a suspended wine glass rack made from brushed chrome and can be found in almost any bar the world over. This type provides a clean cut look and classic tradition for storing wine glasses.

If you’re looking for personalized wine rack cabinets, all-wood cabinets offer a more European and more customizable appearance. All-wood cabinets can be found in almost any color, with the most elegant being the solid dark cherry finish racks that match any kitchen scheme. Another popular favorite is redwood cabinets.

If you’re looking for something a little more non-traditional, there are many options out there. A recent French modernist movement is to use aging barrel strips in making wine rack cabinets. Another group connects to an electrical output which allows it to double as kitchen accent lighting. Still, there’s another group that also has slots for wine bottles, great for small kitchens and apartments.

When choosing wine rack cabinets, consider the overall feeling of your home. If you are in a more modern setting, an edgier design works well in the kitchen. For classic homes with traditional d