Wine Making Shops: Leverage Your Local Resources and Their Kits

If you’ve ever thought about making your own wine, you may have been disheartened by assuming that there isn’t a wine making shop anywhere near you. In reality, though, chances are that there actually Is one a lot closer than you may think! If you dimply do a quick search online for “wine making shop” you’ll find at the top of the list a guide to shops in every state in the country! No matter which wine making shop you go to, you’ll find much the same thing: guides, kits, and friendly people that are only too glad to help you on your way to making your own wine!

Wine kits are one of the most common things you’ll find at your local wine making shop. Kits give you everything you need to make your own wine. The first type of kit to think about comes with grape concentrate and appropriate chemicals. Such a kit is better for wine makers that have a little bit of experience, as they don’t contain fermentation gear. Vintner’s Reserve Wine Kit is a good example of this type of kit, and is highly recommended. Another great kit to consider is one that actually comes with fermentation and bottling gear. These kits also contain grape concentrate and chemicals, so they are a great start if this is the first time you’ve ever made your own wine. Vintner’s Wine Making Kit with Ingredients, for example, has everything the first-timer will need: a hydrometer, fermenting vat, sanitizing chemicals and siphon. The final kit we’ll mention here (though there are plenty of other great kits out there) is the SunCal Necessities Kit. This beginner’s kit is great except that it doesn’t include a corker and comes with mushroom corks, which aren’t good for long-term use. Instead, get some straight corks when you get this kit.

If you can’t find the room in your house or time in your life to make your own wine, your local wine making shop may let you make your wine in their shop. If your wine making shop offers this service, chances are it will advertise it, but don’t be afraid to ask! Here’s how this service works: first, you select the type of wine you want. The wine makers in the shop will then make your wine for you in their shop for a fee. When they are done, they will give you a call and tell you that your wine is ready! Come on in and pick up a case of your very own wine!

So hopefully now you will be able to locate your local wine making shop, but if you are out of luck and don’t want to drive hours to get to one, you can order on the above kits online quite easily. Just search on the Internet for whichever one sounds best for you, pay for shipping and you’re all set. Another option is check out your local brewing shop that caters to microbrewers that make their own beer-many of these shops minor in providing tools for wine makers, so maybe you’ll have some luck there.

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