Wine Making Schools: Are You Ready For a New Course in Life?

Believe it or not, there are colleges and universities out there that offer classes in wine making, essentially making that school a wine making school! Most of these schools are in wine making regions, supplying the area with plenty of wine makers and sommeliers. In general, a wine making school will provide you with a 2-year course that will give you an Associate’s Degree or some sort of wine making certificate that will let all vineyards know you are qualified.

If there isn’t a wine making school in your region or you don’t or can’t relocate to go there, there are many guides and kits available to help you in making wine. Wine kits are by far the simplest and most productive way to learn the ins and outs of wine making aside from a wine making school. Each wine kit will provide you with the equipment you need for whatever type of wine you want to make.

The first type of kit that can aid you in wine making comes with grape concentrate and all the necessary chemicals you need to make the wine. These kits are better for those who’ve made a batch or two, as they lack fermentation tools, such as barrels, buckets, or vats or corks, corkers, or bottles. Such kits usually do produce pretty good wine. Since they lack corks, bottles, or corkers, a lot of the wine’s quality will depend on how good you are at bottling and aging it. You’ll also need to understand fermentation if you use one of these kits. You can use just about any kind of grape variety with these kits, which is a plus. Vintner’s Reserve Wine Kit is a great one to use, as it comes with enough sanitizer and yeast for you to make six gallons of wine, plus many grape concentrate varieties.

The second wine kit that can help you in wine making is one that comes with all the equipment you need to ferment and bottle your wine. Such kits also usually have the grape concentrate and chemicals you need, so they are great for the first time winemaker. Vintner’s Wine Making Kit with Ingredients is a great example to start with. This kit has everything you need; a fermenting vat, hydrometer, siphon and sanitizing chemicals.

The SunCal Necessities Kit is another great example of a kit that can help you in wine making. It has everything you need, with a few exceptions. First, a corker is not included, so you’ll have to get one elsewhere. Second, this kit includes mushroom corks, which are only recommended for short-term usage. You’ll want to get some straight corks and use these instead of the mushroom corks the kit comes with. This kit, overall, is great for beginners.

If you lack the time or space at home to make your own wine, many wine shops these days will allow you to make your own at their shop. Any wine shops that offer this service will advertise they do so, so don’t just walk into one blind and ask! Basically, all you do is go to one of these wine shops and select what type of wine you desire. The vintners in the shop will make it for you there for a fee, and a bit later you’ll end up with a dozen or more bottles of your own wine!

Most of these options will fun you about $80-$200, which isn’t much if you are already a die-hard wine fan. While definitely cheaper than a wine making school, you obviously won’t get the full-scale immersion that you would get at a school. Whether you want to make it for your won enjoyment or as a gift to loved ones, there’s nothing like making your very own wine!

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