Wine Glasses

Wine glasses often make the perfect setting for numerous occasions including a romantic dinner for two, business meeting, family gathering, birthday parties and memorable occasions. The wine glass you choose often makes a statement about you and your tastes.

There are also different types of wine glasses for the different wines, such as red wine, white wine, and sherry wine. Red wine glasses have a wider and somewhat rounder bowl; the reasoning behind this is it increases oxidation. A Boudreaux glass is used with full-bodied wine such as Merlot. Burgundy glasses work well with delicate wines such as Pinot Noir.

White wine glasses vary tremendously in their sizes and shapes and can include the champagne flutes are often used with Chardonnay. Different white wines call for different wine glasses in order to promote the flavors and increase oxidization. Lastly, sherry wines are served in copita wine glasses.

Knowing the different types of wine glasses for the various wines help you make the correct choice when serving your guests. One thing all glasses have in common is a stem, a bowl, and a base. The bowl serves the purpose of allowing the proper ventilation of the wine, and this depends on the wine you are drinking. Obviously, you would not serve your guest Merlot in a champagne flutes.

If you serve wine occasionally, you probably just need to know the basics such as which wine glasses to serve a red wine compared to a sherry. Knowing the basics will help you when you are preparing a gathering of friends and family. Serving the right wine in the correct glass makes your guests know that you have taken the time to study the proper wine essentials. It makes you feel proud, and your guests enjoy the wine all the more when it is sipped from the proper glass.

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