Wine Cooler Units: A Quick Overview on Your Options

Wine Cooler Units

Eventually, every wine enthusiast realizes that they need more room to store their wine collection. As you may already know, wine storage is key when you want your wine to keep. In order to properly age your wine, you have to protect it from temperature extremes; not too hot and not too cold. Wine cooler units are really the best way to go about this.

Wine cooler units are an essential part of any serious wine collector’s assortment of wine accessories. Wine cooler units offer appropriate storage space, most of them keeping your bottles on racks behind glass so everyone can see your wine collection. You can get them in a variety of colors and schemes, allowing them to match any kitchen decor. The companies that make wine cooler units know what they’re doing—most even take care to only light the inside of their units with soft lighting that won’t damage your wine. Traditional lighting creates heat and photonic waves that can harm your wine, so make sure to look for LED lighting when picking out a wine cooler.

Most wine cooler units even allow you to store different wines in the same cooler with different temperature zones. Any seasoned collector knows that whites, reds, and roses all need to be stored at different temperatures, but did you know that there is even more variation within those three varieties? A wine cooler is perfect for the aficionado that wants perfection when storing their wine.

Wine cooler units can be free-standing or under the counter, whichever works best for your kitchen. While most will be the under-the-counter variety, there are some that can pull double duty, depending on what you want. For the most part, under-the-counter coolers are the way to go, as you can match them to your kitchen décor and your cooler will be neatly tucked out of the way of everything. A freestanding cooler is best if you lack the space under your kitchen counter and don’t want to completely overhaul your kitchen.

Be prepared for the price when shopping for wine coolers. Just so you don’t get sticker-shock when shopping, know that most wine cooler units will cost you about $1000 or more. Keep in mind, though, that these units are very high-end nice and definitely worth it if you are serious about protecting your wine collection.

Over all, if you are serious about keeping a good-sized collection of wine in your house, you should invest in a wine cooler unit. If you are going to have ten or more bottles sitting around the house, consider how long they are going to sit before you get around to drinking all of them. Unless you are really guzzling down your wine, your bottles will probably be in inappropriate temperatures for long stretches of time, possibly damaging them and rendering them undrinkable. A wine cooler insures that your wine investment is properly protected, so that you can enjoy it at your leisure. After all, if you’re going to spend all that time aging that ’05 Syrah, you want it to be perfect when you finally decide to open it!