Wine Cooler Stand: When You Need Your Wine on Stand By

If you host parties quite frequently – even if just for a few guests – you may want to consider investing in a wine cooler stand if you serve white wine at your parties. A wine cooler stand is essentially a metal bowl on a tall pole that keeps your white wine on ice and right at table hieght for easy access. You can easily use a wine cooler stand for red wines as well, of course, but you don’t want to put your reds on ice, as they are best served closer to room temperature.

Unless you are going to get a real cheapie version from Wal-Mart, however, you should expect to pay quite a bit for a wine cooler stand. Since a wine cooler stand is generally purchased by folks for whom a few hundred dollars is a paltry sum, most will sell for at least $300. To be sure, these stnads are VERY nice and certainly stable, which is the most important thing. After all, if your stand collapes under the weight of the bottles sitting on it (or maybe it’s just poorly made), then it’s not even worth buying. Most wine bottles own’t survive a 3-foot fall to the ground. Oneida is the most popular manufacturer of these wine cooler stands and their stands are all made of stainless steel, which goes with just about every decor and is very fetching.

If you do want to go with something a bit cheaper, however, you can buy a Cuisinox wine cooler stand, which retails for about $40. This stand doesn’t have the bucket at the top, meaning that you will have to supply your own ice bucket, which is a pretty minor detail. It’s not as sturdy or attractive as the Oneida stands, but if you just need something quick and utilitarian it will do just fine. If you aren’t worried that your friends and family will judge you for spending less than $300 on a wine cooler stand that you’ll only use a few times a year, then by all means go for it!

For the most part, most folks out there will opt for the $40 Cuisinox stand, but the high-end Oneida stands will certainly have their fans. The Oneida stands also make great gifts, as many wine lovers don’t want to spend that kind of money on something like a stand, but during the holidays we tend to throw those sensibilities out the window in search of the perfect gift for the ones we love.