Wine Cooler Recipes: A Smattering to Try

One of the most popular light alcoholic drinks of the 1980s was the wine cooler. It was sweet enough to appeal to those who couldn’t handle the bitterness of beer or depth of harder drinks, but alcoholic enough to loosen you up at a party. The hey-day of wine coolers has come and gone, but you can still find them here and there. Here’s a good question: have you ever thought about making your own wine coolers? There are plenty of great homemade wine cooler recipes out there for you to choose from, no matter your taste.

The first of our wine cooler recipes is quite easy and tasty. For this recipe, you need 16 ounces of 7-UP, 16 ounces of white Zinfandel wine, the juice from one lemon and 1 lime, and 4 packets of Sweet-n-Low. Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher and you’re good to go! This mixture will yield 4 wine coolers; just pour it over ice and garnish with a lemon or lime wedge!

The next in line for our wine cooler recipes is a bit trickier, but definitely worth it. For this one, you’ll need 1

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