Wine Cooler / Cabinet: Figuring Out the Needs of Your Collection

Wine Cooler Cabinet

If you cherish your wine collection and want somewhere to store it that doesn’t look like a personality-free appliance, someday you are going to want to invest in a beautiful wine cooler cabinet. Serious wine collectors know the importance of temperature and its effect on wine – not to mention the importance of first impressions when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your choice of wine storage. You can’t just store it in the fridge; reds, whites, and roses all need different temperatures to be enjoyed to the fullest. In fact, there is even more variation within the three groups! One of the best makers of wine cooler cabinets is Vinotemp.

Vinotemp’s wine cooler cabinets can be either free-standing or under-the-counter, whichever you need. Vinotemp has a wine cooler cabinet that will fit whatever size you need, with wine coolers holding anywhere from 18 to 160 bottles! They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can easily match them to the décor in your kitchen or parlor. Their high-end wine cooler cabinets, in particular, look so good that they can go just about anywhere in your house, no matter what style you prefer.

So what should you expect to pay for a Vinotemp wine cooler cabinet? Really, the answer to this question depends on what line you are buying from. Vinotemp’s Portofino Series is what you want to look at if you want a wine cooler cabinet. These very high-end coolers all feature a beautiful carved wood finish that makes them a perfect piece of furniture for any room in the house. These truly beautiful works of art look more like a cabinet from days of yore than an electric appliance. They are all thermoelectric and are virtually silent and cost anywhere from $649 to $1695 for the double credenza cooler.

If you really want to keep your wine collection safe from spoilage due to improper temperature, you should look into getting a wine cooler cabinet. Vinotemp is a great place to look; they are a company that is all about wine – they even have instructions on their website for building your own wine cellar! They aren’t just accessory dealers, they are wine lovers – and it really shows. Their Portofino Series, in particular, features some of the most beautiful appliances you will ever find. They are truly works of art, and you’ll find it hard to believe the carved wooden cabinet or credenza is actually a wine cooler! A wine cooler cabinet will protect your wine against temperature extremes like no other (and look great doing so), so if you are in the market for a wine cooler go ahead and check them out – you will be not be let down!