Wine Chillers /Coolers: Storing Your Wine Properly

If wine is a big part of your life, you’ve probably started a good-sized collection of accessories to go along with your hoard of unopened wine. Sure, you have the corkscrews and decanters, but have you looked into a wine chiller cooler yet? If you don’t already know, proper wine storage is very important. If you don’t store or serve your wine at the proper temperature, it’s not going to taste right – and real wine connoisseurs will notice!

The term “wine chiller cooler” can mean one of two things. First, there is the everyday wine cooler that you need to know about. Wine coolers are usually large appliances that hold many bottles of wine, though you can get them in countertop sizes to hold as few as a single bottle. They offer appropriate storage space, and most of them keep the bottles on racks behind glass-perfectly displaying your wine collection to all visitors. The inside of wine coolers is only lit with soft lighting that won’t damage wine. Traditional lighting, as you may know, creates photonic waves and heat that can harm wine, so LED lighting is what you need in a wine cooler.

The more high-end wine coolers are actually dual-zone, allowing you to store your reds and whites at different temperatures in the same unit. Every veteran wine collector knows that reds, whites, and roses all need to be kept at different temperatures, and these dual-zone coolers cater to that set. These coolers-like most wine coolers regardless of the dual-zone feature-can be free-standing, under the counter, or set on a countertop. These units, especially the dual-zone coolers that hold dozens of bottles, tend to be very pricey, costing $1000 or more. Of course, if you are really investing a lot of money into your wine-enough that you are considering a large, dual-zone cooler, the price probably isn’t that much of an issue for you!

The second type of wine chiller cooler is the rapid beverage cooler, which is much smaller and less expensive. These small appliances cost $50-$70 and are made to rapidly cool a can, bottle, or wine bottle. What a great idea! This is something that many of us wished for years ago: the ability to make a can of soda cold in one minute! It also can cool a 750 ml bottle of wine in just 6 minutes! For most of these appliances, all you need to do is add ice, water, set your temperature and press a button. It’s very ingenious and perfect for those who don’t have the money to store their wine in a pricey cooler. Heck, it’s just plain useful to have around the house-wine lover or not!

So hopefully now you know a little more about wine storage and proper temperatures. You can keep your reds at room temperature, but that is subject to the weather and your house’s thermostat. You can keep your whites in the fridge, but that’s just too cold. A wine chiller cooler, of either variety, may be just what you need.