White Zinfandel Wine Calories: How Much is Too Much?

Now more than ever, people across the planet are concerned about their weight. Like it or not, body image is a real issue for most of us. The real issue, however, is that being overweight can cause a lot of health problems. Our society has become more and more sedentary as it gets more industrialized, and our diet has changed as well. By and large, most of us do not eat well. Wine lovers, particularly those that love their White Zinfandel, are paying attention to their White Zinfandel wine calories.

Although wine has many health benefits when consumed in moderation, a glass of White Zinfandel wine (about 4 ounces) has roughly 77 calories. Most of these calories are empty calories, and are therefore completely unnecessary. Don’t ditch it quite yet, however. The calories in White Zinfandel are inconsequential compared to all the other stuff you can cut out of your diet that have much worse effects.

Although White Zinfandel was was not specified in the “French Paradox” paper from the early 90s, it has a part to play. Later studies have shown that although White Zinfandel does not contain as much antioxidants as red wine, it is just as good for you. White wine, just like red, can help you combat heart disease.

Various studies conducted over the years have shown that moderate, daily wine intake is good for you, despite the White Zinfandel wine calories. The antioxidant called “resveratrol” is the key. Resveratrol gets rid of cancer cells, reduces the risk of strokes, and helps reduce the impact of aging. Despite the calories in white wine, it promotes blood vessel health in the elderly and cuts back on ulcers and coronary heart disease when consumed in moderation.

When it comes to women, wine helps build stronger bones and decreases the chance of developing ovarian cancer. For men, it reduces the risk of heart attack due to high blood pressure.

The entire process of making wine is just about as organic and pure as you can get. Has naturally-occurring preservatives called sulfites that keep it fresh for about one or two years. Even the grapes that wine is derived from have enough of these sulfites in them that they don’t even rot on their vines.

Moderation is what it’s all about, so don’t kid yourself. The calories in white wine are insignificant when compared to other food and drink, but you can’t go out and drink a few bottles every day. Going on a wine drinking binge is just a bad idea and it’s not good for you.

We’ve all figured out that too much alcohol is bad for you, but now you know that a little wine can be good for you. No more than three glasses of wine daily can actually help you! Drinking wine isn’t the same as beer and hard liquor; people don’t just drink it to get drunk, they drink it as a part of their meals and as a part of life itself!

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