White Wine Spritzers: A Fresh Approach to an Old Beverage

Many wine connoisseurs, not satisfied with merely drinking wine, look for ways to spruce up a sub-par white table wine by turning it into a spritzer or cooler. To be fair, though, many folks out there just like the flavor of white wine spritzers! Though the optimal way to make anything out of white wine involves using only the very best varietal you can, such recipes are also a good way to use a white that for whatever reason is unsatisfactory on its own.

So how do you make white wine spritzers? We’ll show you! For this recipe, you need five ounces of dry white wine, two ounces of soda water, two fresh strawberries, one teaspoon of sugar, one thin orange slice, and some crushed ice.

The first thing you have to do is pick the right kind of wine. For this recipe, choose a dry white such as Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Next, wash your strawberries thoroughly and sprinkle the sugar over them. Next, crush them with a mortar and pestle. If, like most people, you don’t have a mortar and pestle you can easily use the back of a large spoon and a tea cup. Once the strawberries are thoroughly crushed, combine everything else except the orange slice and shake it all in a cocktail shaker filled with the crushed ice. Take the serving glass and dip the rim in sugar. Fill the glass with crushed ice and carefully pour in the strawberry spritzer. Slice the orange slice halfway through to the center and place it over the rim of the serving glass with a twist.

You can also serve up a double portion of this recipe in a tall glass and thread a strawberry through a straw. Don’t forget to rim the glass by dipping it in strawberry Jello! This is a cool way to change things up and provide a great decorative presentation for summer get-togethers outside by the pool!

The core of white wine sprtizers is really the white wine and the club soda – flavor/alcohol and carbonation. As long as you have these two ingredients, the extra flavoring you add is really just up to you. Whatever taste you prefer can be added: add some cranberry juice if that’s your thing, for example. You can also add peach schnapps or orange soda – your only limit is your imagination! There are all sorts of fruity flavors you can add, either in juice form or you can use fresh fruit like that used in the strawberry spritzer recipe provided here. All you have to do is wash it, crush it, and add it to the mix!

The main thing to remember when making white wine spritzers is to use a dry white wine. Unless you like your spritzers super sweet, a sweet white wine will make your spritzers almost unbearably sweet. A dry white, however, lessens the blow considerably and provides great temperance to the sweet fruit flavors. IF you’re not satisfied with your first attempt at making white wine spritzers, think about your favorite fruit flavors and do some experimenting!

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