White Wine Calories: Knowledge is Power

Nowadays, people everywhere are more concerned about their weight and body image than ever before. While it’s good to be concerned about your health, people tend to overdo things a bit when you get into body image issues. Obesity is a real issue that can cause a lot of health problems. Because our society has developed to become more sedentary than before, our diet has had to change to accommodate and most of us, simply put, don’t eat right. Many wine lovers, therefore, have taken to counting their white wine calories along with all their other calories.

Are you worried about white wine calories? If so, just know that a glass of white wine (which is about 4 ounces) has 77 calories, most of which are empty calories. Don’t stop drinking white wine in a panic just yet, however. These white wine calories are quite simply inconsequential when compared to all the benefits of drinking white wine and you can easily cut many other things out of your diet that have much higher calories counts.

Although white wine was not the main focus of the “French Paradox” study from a few years ago (red wine took center stage there), it does have a part to play. Studies conducted a few years later showed that although white wine does not contain as many antioxidants as red, it still is very much good for you. Drinking white wine, just like drinking red wine, can help you fight heart disease and boost your immune system.

So how does this work? The antioxidant resveratrol is the key. This antioxidant kills off cancer cells, reduces stroke risk, and reduces age’s effects. Despite the 77 white wine calories present in one glass, it promotes blood vessel health for older people, along with cutting back on ulcers and coronary heart disease when consumed moderately. Women that drink a bit of wine daily can look forward to stronger bones and a decreased chance of ovarian cancer and men that drink a bit of wine daily can look forward to a reduced risk of heart attack caused by high blood pressure.

Moderation is really what it’s all about folks, so don’t think you can go out and drink a ton of wine every day and suddenly be healthier. Those white wine calories are insignificant when compared to other fatty food and drink, but bingeing is still no good. It can ultimately prove fatal, in fact, no matter what kind of alcohol you are bingeing on.

Everybody that’s not living under a rock knows that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health, but you should also realize that having a little wine daily is actually good for you. A good way to measure how much is considered moderate is 1-3 glasses of wine per day, depending on your body weight. Drinking wine isn’t the same as downing hard liquor and beer; wine is an integral part of meals and the very essence of life! Enjoy wine as it is meant to be: as a pleasure, not something to be abused.

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