Waterford White Wine Glasses: Beautiful Quality You’ll Admire For Years To Come

Real wine connoisseurs know that it doesn’t only matter what kind of wine you are drinking, but also what you are drinking it from. There are many little factors that go into getting the most out of a bottle or glass of wine, but one of the major factors revolves around what sort of vessel you are drinking from. You see, there actually is a reason for all the different shapes that wine glasses come in. Sure there are aesthetic reasons, but there are utilitarian reasons as well. Certain shapes complement the taste of red wines, while others complement the taste of whites, and so on. If white wine is your thing, then Waterford white wine glasses are what you need.

Waterford white wine glasses are simply elegant vessels fit for the most elegant of beverages. Wine should not be slurped from just any old glass – it should be enjoyed from start to finish in only the best vessel perfectly made to accentuate its character. Waterford has been in the business of making wine glasses for wine aficionados for a long time and they know what it takes to have the perfect wine experience. When you buy Waterford white wine glasses, therefore, you know you’re getting the best wine glass you can get.

Waterford, not being merely satisfied with making great wine glasses, has even set out to make different kinds of wine glasses for different varietals. Their Marquis collection, for example, have very long stems designed to keep the heat of the wine drinker’s hand a good distance away from the chilled chardonnay it was designed to serve. Though this certainly looks great, by design it serves to keep your chardonnay at the appropriate temperature, unmarred by the heat radiated by your hands and body. Though chardonnay is ideal for the Marquis collection, these “Vintage-style” glasses can serve any light-colored wines with fruit and floral qualities. Another positive for the Marquis glasses is that they also double as great pinot noir glasses if you also enjoy red wines!

Waterford white wine glasses are top of the line wine glasses and as such you can expect to pay a bit more for them. You get what you pay for, after all! Sure, you could go to your local department store and get some cheap wine glasses, but they will either be plastic or made of glass so thin that they will break when a stiff wind strikes them. Waterford glasses, on the other hand, are made of sturdier stuff and simply look great. As such, you can expect to pay about $40 for 4 of them. If you are used to paying this much or more for your favorite bottle of wine, however, this probably isn’t an issue for you! If you’re not buying Waterford glasses for yourself, they also make great gifts for the wine lover or lovers in your life! Any wine connoisseur appreciated receiving new wine glasses during the holidays and you simply cannot go wrong with Waterford white wine glasses!

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