Washington Wine Clubs: A Few to Consider

If you live in Washington State and love your wine, you may be on the lookout for some Washington wine clubs. If so, you are in luck! Drinking wine is just as popular in Washington as it is everywhere else, so some great wine clubs have sprung up over the decades to allow Washington wine lovers to come together and sample the greatest wines you will ever find.

The first of the Washington wine clubs is The Washington State Wine Club. This club is very exclusive and dedicated to raising awareness among its members of the many outstanding and different wines from Washington State. Members are provided with an insider’s view into the world of Washington Wine. The first week of every month, members receive interviews with the winemaker, tasting notes, a calendar of upcoming events, recipes from the winery and a newsletter every month with their wine shipment.

The second of the Washington wine clubs is The Pacific Wine Club. This club features a few different levels that offer different features. The Green Vine Wine Club, for instance, features eco-friendly wines from organic, biodynamic, and sustainable winemakers. The Vintage Select Club features the best boutique wines from dynamic West Coast winemakers. The World Wine Club features international wines noted for their exceptional value and distinctive quality. The Peerless Flight Club features premium, top-rated, exclusive wines from noted West Coast winemakers. The Vino Club features distinctive wines from Italy.

The third and final of the Washington wine clubs is The Wines of Washington Club, also known as WOW. This club was created in support of, and to raise awareness about, the many exceptional wineries and wines of the State of Washington. There is great diversity throughout Washington’s wine growing regions and a wide variety of world-class quality wines, though many remain ignorant of everything this state has to offer as far as wine is concerned. Washington State is finally getting recognized for its wines, but many of its wineries are still very small with very limited production, which makes many of those wonderful wines hard to find or completely unknown to the average wine enthusiast. The Wine of Washington Club is all about bringing these hard-to-find wines to the fore and making them available to people all across the country!

There are more than just these three Washington wine clubs, but these are just a few to get you started. Each club has various incentives to bring you into the fold, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Washington State is another one of those wine regions that simply gets overlooked by most Americans due to a focus in California (Napa Valley in particular) when it comes to wine. California has some of the best, to be sure, but there are plenty of other states and regions that have plenty to offer when it comes to wine. So if you are a wine connoisseur it behooves you to pay attention to clubs like this; who knows, you could discover a real treasure!