Under the Counter Wine Rack: Finding the Best Place In Your Home

An under the counter wine rack, also known as an under cabinet wine rack, is a great way to easily store your wine. These racks come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for storing many different types of wine collections, great or small. If you are considering getting an under the counter wine rack, you have two different types of racks to choose from. If you’ve done a search online for “under the counter wine rack” you’ve probably seen opposing results between the truly under the counter variety and the under cabinet variety.

An under cabinet wine rack, despite being labeled “under the counter,” actually belongs under your kitchen cabinets. If you ever seen a picture of one of these racks, you can see that they are quite small and the amount of space you would have to clear to put one under your counter would not be worth what you would get out of it. Essentially, you would have to sacrifice a place to put a major appliance, such as a dishwasher, to be able to put 6 bottles of wine under there. If you have plenty of counter space, this may not be an issue, but for most of us we treasure every inch! In addition, it would probably just look strange, I used properly, however, an under cabinet rack is very attractive. If you mount one of these racks under your kitchen cabinet, it frees up counter space where you might put a rack that simply rests on top of your counter. Most of us have to make the most out of the counter space we have, and when you can mount something like a wine rack or coffee maker under a cabinet it really helps.

A true under the counter wine rack is one that is large enough to completely fill up the space of a large appliance. These wine racks, of course, are much larger and can hold a lot more bottles. There are not a lot of companies that manufacture these racks, but you can always make one yourself fairly easily if you are adept at woodworking. If you’d rather buy them, however, there are a few companies that make modular under the counter racks so you can very easily buy the correct amount for the space you have and install them. They have quite a few varieties of these racks, so you can choose a pattern that most appeals to you. They are generally made out of wood (redwood is very common) and are very eye-catching.

Overall, if you are looking for a great way to store your wine without investing in a full-blown wine cooler, an under the counter wine rack is a great option. You can get a smaller one to mount under your cabinets or a larger one to fit snugly under your counter, perfectly fitting the spot where you may have wanted to put a cooler but lack the funds to do so. Whichever option you prefer, they are both very eye-pleasing and very space economical!