Unbreakable Wine Glasses: What You Can’t Afford to Keep Losing Them

Let’s just preface this discussion here by stating that there is no such thing as unbreakable wine glasses. Anything can be broken if you really put your mind to it. But, if you are looking around for unbreakable wine glasses you do have some options. You can easily (and most obviously) buy some plastic wine glasses, but if you’d rather try something more refined you can try some titanium crystal wine glasses.

Let’s talk about plastic wine glasses first. First, no one can deny that plastic is a lot more durable than glass. Plastic isn’t going to crack or shatter if it gets knocked over at dinner or at a picnic. On the other hand, plastic wine glasses just don’t look right. No matter how well you put a spin on it, everybody knows it’s plastic. Even if they are somehow fooled at first glance, upon handling it everything will become apparent. However, if you are really worried about these glasses getting broken you can’t get more “unbreakable” than a plastic cup, unless you want to go to wood or some other strange material that wine glasses are not commonly made out of.

Titanium crystal wine glasses are another option. Titanium crystal is a bit sturdier than most glassware and as such it has earned the “titanium” moniker. These glasses do break easier than the plastic ones, of course, but they are tougher than your standard wine glass. These make a great option if you are worried about wear and tear but still want to keep that veneer class and elegance.

So how much will you pay for some unbreakable wine glasses? If you are talking about plastic, you’ll be paying about $10-$20 for a set of six glasses, depending on which brand you buy. You can even find them cheaper at a dollar store if you really hunt for them. Titanium crystal glasses cost significantyl more at $60 for a set of six. Of course, if you want a lot more than that, like for a restaurant or catering service, you can get a bigger discount by buying in bulk. If you want a case of 36, for instance, you will pay around $200, or $30-$70 for plastic glasses. Don’t immediately roll your eyes at these prices;most wine glasses cost a heck of a lot more!

Unbreakable wine glasses, despite having a moniker that isn’t entirely accurate, are the perfect glasses for anyone that’s really into wine but worried about their glasses getting broken. Whether it’s kids, pets, or drunken adults you’re worried about, these glasses can stand up to the wear and tear. Plastic glasses are the best option if you’re not worried about appearances or “keeping up with the Joneses,” so to speak. On the other hand, titanium crystal wine glasses are not as tough (though tougher than regular wine glasses), but are of higher quality and just look better – though they are more expensive. It’s a pretty delicate balance, balancing durability versus elegance and appearance, but that is what wine glasses are all about! In general, most aren’t amde with toughness in mind; they are made to look great and serve as the perfect vessel for whatever type of wine they are designed for. If you need unbreakable wine glasses, however, this is probably the last thing on your mind!

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