UK Wine Making: How to Find What You Need

There are many different regions all across the world that are known for their wines. Whether they are velvety reds or crisp whites, every one of these regions has their own style and taste that sets them apart from everyone else. The United Kingdom is one of those areas that most folks wouldn’t think could produce very good wine because of its chilly, wet climate, but looks can be deceiving. UK wine making these days is truly on the rise.

Though there are not many UK wine making shops, you can find them if you look hard enough online or through some sort of wine organization. Many of the UK wine making suppliers will have similar products, yet they all also have found ways to add a personal touch to their selection.

First up you have The Hop Shop in Tavistock. What’s great about this place is that it appeals to not only winemakers, but beer brewers as well. With the micro-brewery boom of a few years ago sort of petering out, it’s nice to see someone keeping it alive alongside winemaking – which never goes out of style.

Art of Brewing in Surrey is another great place to get wine making supplies. This place definitely caters to the amateur winemaker, supplying different kinds of wine kits, as well as custom wine labels. They also minor in beer kits, so if you’re interested in brewing you can indulge here as well. They are absolutely passionate about wine, and it really shows. They deal in beer making as well (seeing a common theme here!) and they sell local wines on the premises and are guaranteed to have everything you need.

The Brew Shop in Stockport has folks there that know their stuff when it comes to wine. The folks here really live and breathe wine. You’ll never find people more knowledgeable about wine making in Stockport than the staff at The Brew Shop. The staff here takes great pride in its wine kits, which are some of the best wine kits out there and boasts a very knowledgeable staff that will be more than happy to help out any budding winemaker. OF course, with a name like “The Brew Shop” you know they deal in beer making as well!

There are just a few UK wine making supply dealers out there, but they are all fiercely dedicated. So can you get wine making supplies in the United Kingdom? Yes! If you’re living in the UK and want to get in on the winemaking game – whether for just your family and friends or as a business – you are living in a great area to get your start! Take a look around and talk to a few of the winemakers; most will be more than happy to help you out! Together you could create the beginning of a beautiful thing in making a new world-reknowned wine region!

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