Types of Wine Glasses: Getting the Most Out of Wine Glasses

Real wine lovers know that there are many factors that go into getting most out of any glass of wine. It should be at the proper temperature, enjoyed with certain foods, poured and decanted correctly, and even sipped from the right kind of glass. We’ve all seen the typical stemware that most people drink wine out of, but have you ever noticed the different shapes? Believe it or not, there is more to these different types of wine glasses than just looks. The size and shape of each wine glass is designed to complement a certain type or types of wine. Let’s go over them.

The first of the types of wine glasses are red wine glasses. Red wine glasses tend to be wider and taller so that the complexities of red wine can be better savored when drinking from them. The first type of red wine glass is the Bordeaux. Bordeaux wine glasses are made with rich, full-bodied wines, such as Merlots and Cabernets, in mind. Bordeaux glasses have a wide bowl that lets the wine breathe and also brings out the rich aroma of the wine. The glass’s height allows the wine to proceed directly to the back of your mouth, providing maximum flavor. Next you have the Burgundy glass, which is better suited for Pinot Noir wines. Burgundy glasses are larger than Bordeaux glasses, with a large bowl that directs the wine to the tip of your tongue so that you can better taste its sweetness.

The second of the types of wine glasses are white wine glasses. White wine glasses tend to be smaller than red wine glasses in order to keep the white wine at a cooler temperature. If you are drinking a crisp, young white, you should have a glass with an opening that’s just a bit larger than the actual body of the glass. This will direct the wine to the tip and sides of your tongue, allowing you to better taste the sweetness of the wine. For mature white wines, you need a straighter, taller glass that directs the wine to the rear and sides of your tongue, allowing you to better taste the bold flavor of a well-aged white.

There are other types of wine glasses to consider as well. Champagne flutes, obviously designed with champagne in mind, are thin and tall, allowing the obligatory bubbles in the champagne to build up properly. Dessert wines and other sweet wines are best enjoyed with smaller glasses that direct the wine to the back of your mouth so the wine’s sweetness doesn’t overwhelm you. Rose glasses, whose function is once again obvious, are like white wine glasses in that they are a bit smaller than red wine glasses, with wider bodies designed to allow the aroma of the rose to better develop.

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the different types of wine glasses, though. Many wine drinkers simply have one type of wine glass to enjoy the different varietals and never know the difference. The types that are out there are simply there to make your wine experience even better!

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