Titanium Wine Glasses: Are They An Option For You?

When you are looking around for the perfect wine glasses, you can choose from something whimsical or something classic for when you have visitors to your house. Many folks will go with whatever glasses they can find, such as the popular Riedel glasses, or the winery glass you often get for free when you go wine tasting. One type of glass that remains popular are titanium wine glasses.

Titanium wine glasses are great for any wine collector because when you purchase them you know that you’re getting a glass made to last – it’s not going to crack at the drop of a hat. Titanium wine glasses are sturdy and classy.

Those that make titanium crystal wine glasses take great pride in their wine glasses. These glasses are tough and resilient, as well as incredibly good-looking. They really make any wine setup “pop” and definitely get people’s attention.

So how much can you expect to pay for some titanium wine glasses? Generally, you’ll be paying about $60 for six glasses, depending on the brand. You can, of course, shop online or at some actual stores and maybe find some significantly cheaper, but in general this is the price you will pay. Of course, if you need a lot more than that, like if you run a restaurant, you can get bigger discounts. If you get a case of 36, let’s say, you will probably pay about $200 – which is pretty nice. Don’t immediately balk at these prices;if you want great wine glasses that are going to last you have to pay the price. As always, you get what you pay for. If you try to save some cash by buying cheap knock-off wine glasses, everyone will notice sooner or later. Even these glasses don’t chip or break right off the back, they’re going to feel cheap and thin like throwaway glasses.

Titanium wine glasses are the perfect glasses for anyone that’s really into their wine. If you are one of these folks, you probably already have quite a collection of wine accessories such as decanters, racks, and corkscrews. All these accessories are important, but none match the importance of the perfect glass. The perfect glass keeps wine at the right temperature for optimal enjoyment and is eye catching as well. Titanium wine glasses have quality on their side and are worth every dime that you will pay for them. As a matter of fact, a good set of titanium wine glasses should be one of the first big investments you make in your wine collection, if you haven’t already done so! Whether you prefer whites or reds, titanium wine glasses are perfect for you!

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