The Terra Cotta Wine Cooler: Go Green With This Eco-Friendly Option

If wine is a big part of your life, you’ve probably started a good-sized collection of accessories to go along with your hoard of opened wine bottles. Sure, you have the corkscrews and decanters, but have you looked into a wine cooler yet? If you don’t already know, proper wine storage is very important. If you don’t store or serve your wine at the proper temperature, it’s not going to taste right – and real wine connoisseurs will notice!

One problem that many wine lovers have is that while they love their wine, they also love the environment. While the two would seem to go hand-in-hand at first blush, the fact of the matter is that once you start thinking about your carbon footprint in terms of how much energy you are using you may start to feel guilty about having a wine cooler (essentially another refrigerator) in your home. These appliances tend to use just as much energy as a refrigerator, as they run constantly to keep your wine at the proper temperature.

One way to combine your love of wine with your love if the environment is with a terra cotta wine cooler. These $10 single-bottle affairs are simple and work wonderfully. All you have to do is drench the cooler in cold water and insert your bottle. The evaporation of the water will cool the bottle, as evaporation is a cooling process, which you may remember from your school science class. Another option, if you are having a white wine for instance, would be to chill the bottle first. The terra cotta wine cooler will do the rest.

But what if you ended up here to learn more about wine coolers in general. Well, we can appreciate that as well. While we think you should definitely give the terra cotta wine cooler a try, traditional electrical wine coolers certainly have their place as well in any wine lover’s home. Wine coolers are medium to large appliances that hold many bottles of wine, though you can get them in countertop sizes to hold as few as a single bottle. They offer appropriate storage space, and most of them keep the bottles on racks behind glass. The inside of wine coolers is only lit with soft lighting that won’t damage wine. Traditional lighting, as you may know, creates photonic waves and heat that can harm wine, so LED lighting is the way to go. The more high-end wine coolers are actually dual-zone, allowing you to store your reds and whites at different temperatures in the same unit. Every veteran wine collector knows that reds, whites, and roses all need to be kept at different temperatures, and these dual-zone coolers cater to that.

So hopefully now you know a little more about wine storage and proper temperatures. You can keep your reds at room temperature, but that is subject to the weather and your house’s thermostat. You can keep your whites in the fridge, but that’s just too cold. A terra cotta wine cooler, however, is best for short-term storage and great for those that feel guilty for leaving a larger-than-average carbon footprint because of their electrical wine cooler.