Subzero Wine Coolers: Picking From Among the Various Options

If wine is more than just a passing interest to you, you may want to consider getting something to store all your bottles in. If you have a ton of wine bottles placed strategically around your house in an attempt to find the perfect temperature while you wait for the most opportune time to be enjoy them, you are, to be blunt, doing it wrong. Storing your wine properly is one of the most important aspects of the wine experience. Wine stored improperly doesn’t age well and doesn’t taste right either. In order to keep it from spoiling, you might want to look into a Subzero wine cooler.

Subzero wine coolers are great for wine drinkers of any level; those that have a small collection can find a cooler for them, as well as those who have enormous collections. With Subzero, you know you are getting the best of the best. Subzero appliances are instantly recognizable because of their stainless steel finish, which may be their only drawback, i.e. if stainless doesn’t go with your decor you are sort of out of luck. Some of their models have wood panel options, however.

Subzero wine coolers come in a few different sizes. The larger coolers can accomodate up to 147 bottles, with the smaller ones holding as low as 26 bottles. In between, you have coolers that hold about 132 bottles, as well as some that hold 46. Between their 6 different models, Subzero basically has all the bases covered. All their models are dual-zone and chock full of all the bells and whistles; they even have models with a Kosher-approved “Sabbath” mode!

One thing you should know about Subzero wine coolers is that they are expensive. But what do you expect for the best of the best? The 26 bottle cooler (the smallest one), for example, can easily cost you about $2000. This is a lot less storage for the cost when compared to other coolers, but, like we said, Subzero is the best of the best. Their larger coolers, as you can imagine, are much more expensive and represent a large investment. However, there is no denying the appeal of having a Subzero wine cooler in your kitchen. It simply screams class and really makes the room pop. Whether inwardly or outwardly, people will say “Wow!” when they see that Subzero in your kitchen. You are sure to get a lot of comments and compliments on your taste.

What it all boils down to here is you want your wine collection to stay fresh and potable for as long as humanly possible. Therefore, you need a Subzero wine cooler. Subzero makes coolers for wine drinkers of any level, whether you have 20, 40, or even 140 bottles you need to store. Regardless, Subzero coolers are much better than your alternative, i.e. spoiled wine. If you drink a bottle of wine every day, you might not be in trouble, but most of us that don’t have coolers yet have our wine bottles in situations that result in them being kept too hot or too cold for way too long. A Subzero wine cooler will keep your precious wine from temperature extremes so that you can drink it at the proper time. Don’t let all the dough you’ve put into your wine get flushed down the drain; go get a Subzero wine cooler so you know for certain that your wine is stored properly!