The Sub Zero Wine Cooler: For Collections of All Sizes

If wine has become more than just a casual interest to you and yours, you need something to store all your bottles for the long run. If you have bottles and bottles stashed strategically around your home, trying to find the right temperature whilst you wait for the best time to pop them open, that’s just not right. You have to store your wine properly, plain and simple. This is one of the most important parts of the overall wine experience. If you store your wine stored improperly, it won’t ulitmatel taste right and at some point it will become impotable. In order to keep your wine from spoiling, you need a Sub Zero wine cooler.

Sub Zero wine coolers are made for wine drinkers that have a little collection and for those who have collections of gigantic proportions. With Sub Zero, you are quite simply getting the cream of the crop of appliances. Sub Zero appliances are always instantly recognizable due to their stainless steel finish, prompting a lot of comments. This may be their only downside, however; i.e. if your decor doesn’t go well with then you may have to make some changes. Some of Sub Zero’s models, however, have optional wood panels.

Sub Zero wine coolers come in 6 different sizes. Their largest coolers can hold up to 147 bottles, while their smallest ones hold 26 bottles. They also have models that hold 132 bottles, as well as models that hold 46 bottles. You have 6 models to choose from, so Subzero has pretty much everything covered. All Sub Zero coolers are dual-zone for storing different kinds of wine and have all the extras; some of their models even have a Kosher “Sabbath” mode!

One thing you simply must know going in is that Sub Zero wine coolers are pricey. But what do you want for the cream of the crop? Sub Zero’s 26 bottle wine cooler (their smallest one), for example, will usually cost around $2000. For what you are paying here, this is considerably less storage when you compare it to other brands, but Sub Zero, of course, is the cream of the crop. Their bigger coolers, as you can probably imagine, are a lot more expensive. There is, however, no denying the feeling of having a Sub Zero wine cooler in your home. These appliances scream class and quite simply make the room come together. Whether outwardly or inwardly, people will exclaim “Wow!” when they first see that Sub Zero. You will, without a doubt, get a lot of compliments and comments on your choice of appliance.

What it all comes down to in this situation is that you want your wine to stay potable and fresh for years to come. Therefore, it stands to reason that you need a Sub Zero wine cooler. This company makes coolers for those that have 20 or even 120 bottles in need of storage. Any way you look at it, Sub Zero coolers are a much better option than the alternative. If a bottle of wine a day is the norm for you, you might be able to get away with not having a cooler, but most of us that haven’t yet bought a cooler keep our wine too cold or too hot for too long. If you get a Sub Zero wine cooler, you will keep your wine collection safe from extreme temperatures so that you can pop it open at just the right time. Don’t let all the cash you have put into your collection get poured down the drain; buy a Sub Zero wine cooler right now so that you know without a doubt that your collection is protected!