Stemless Crystal Wine Glasses: When Typical Just Won’t Do

Stemless crystal wine glasses are obviously wine glasses that lack a stem. They are a great glass to have around when you are having a large party and need a little durability and reliability from your wine glass. Because they have no stem, they have a lower center of gravity and remain upright when jostled, which is great in a large group of people, for instance.

By and large, the best thing about stemless crystal wine glasses is their durability. Your standard wine glass is made from very thin, delicate glass custom made for drinking wine and the entire wine drinking atmosphere. If you’ve ever had to wash a wine glass, however, you probably have gotten acquainted with how dangerous this is. Wine glasses crack or break easily if they bang against each other or pretty much anything else hard. If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, for instance, you never want to leave a standard wine glass in it. If the glass gets knocked over or falls over, it will almost certainly break or crack at the very least. Stemless crystal wine glasses, on the other hand, function just like any standard glass you would drink juice or soda out of. They have a lower center of gravity and are not as prone to breakage.

If you have a dishwasher, like most wine connoisseurs, you probably already know that you can’t put your wine glasses in there. Dishwashers wreak havoc with the stems on standard wine glasses, often breaking the stems and just causing a mess. Stemless crystal wine glasses, however, can be popped into the dishwasher like any other glass. This is really great if you are hosting a party and a lot of people are drinking wine. You don’t have to hand wash every glass, just put them in the dishwasher!

Another great thing about stemless crystal wine glasses is their aesthetic appeal. Most wine drinkers will fully expect the standard, stemmed wine glass and will be surprised to see your stemless crystal wine glasses. This can be quite striking and may get people talking.

Overall, stemless crystal wine glasses are a must-have for any wine connoisseur. You can add them to your collection of corkscrews, standard wine glasses, decanters, and other accessories. If you host a lot of parties and serve wine, you may already have a set of these glasses. If you don’t, make sure you buy a set for your next get-together and see how they go over. These glasses are great to use if your standard wine glasses may be broken because of irresponsible guests who’ve have a bit too many glasses of wine, for instance. If you are hosting a large party, for example, you probably won’t lose quite so many glasses because of cracking or breakage. Stemless crystal wine glasses, quite simply, are a bit more spill-proof than standard wine glasses, and anyone that’s ever had red wine spilled on their carpet can attest that this is very much a bonus!

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