Single Bottle Wine Rack: A Great Decorative Piece

A single bottle wine rack is a great way to display your favorite wine apart from the rest of your collection. These little wine racks are generally made in a festive manner, often resembling animals or plants and include the bottle in the overall look. They make a great addition to any countertop for their down-to-earth use and aesthetic appeal.

One great single bottle wine rack is the Kendall LeCompte Wine Vine. This nifty little rack resembles a vine that wraps around your bottle and includes a wine stopper that blends in nicely. It runs for about $69.95 and is definitely worth every penny.
The next single bottle wine rack you should consider is the Balancing Act rack from Wine Racks America. This ingenious rack really looks like it shouldn’t even be able to stand up. It’s all wire wrapped around a single river rock, with a slot to place your wine bottle. It’s all about physics as it uses weight and counterweight to perfectly balance your bottle in the rack. It makes a great gift and runs for about $59.

Another great single bottle wine rack is the River Rock Snail from Wine Racks America. Similar to the Balancing Act, this wire rack uses a river rock as a counterweight to your bottle to keep it upright. This rack, however, is designed to look like a snail, using your wine bottle as the snail’s shell!

Yet another great single bottle wine rack from Wine Racks America is the Horse Grazing Rack. This one places the river rock at the bottom of the horse’s down-stretched neck, making it the horse’s head. Your wine bottle makes up the horse’ body!

Uncommon Goods also sells a great single bottle wine rack. Their wine racks, designed by Nerio Festa and Heidi Hummler, are called Steel and Stone wine holders. Each rack is sculpted of wire and river rock and made to look like a wire man holding your wine bottle with both arms, as if carrying a heavy load. The river rock in these racks forms the man’s head. There are many variations with these racks, each with their own personality and story. These wine racks are very popular in California and can be found in many tasting rooms and places selling wine accessories in that state. Not all of them are made by these sculptors, but all of them are charming.

Single bottle wine racks are really the ideal gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. Most wine enthusiasts probably just have the custom wine rack they want for their collection, but haven’t really considered a little knick-knack like this to spruce up their kitchen and announce their hobby to everyone. It’s not that they don’t want one; they just haven’t gotten around to getting one! Now is the time to really impress your favorite wine aficionado with a gift like this! They’re all personality, but also very useful for displaying your favorite vintage in a special place for all to see!