Ruby Wine Glasses: Red Never Goes Out of Style

When you are out looking for wine glasses, you will soon be overwhelmed by the many choices you have. Should you go whimsical or classy? Whatever your need, there is a style available to suit you. While many will go with whatever glasses they can find, a good choice would be some ruby wine glasses.

Ruby wine glasses are of the traditional stemmed variety and hold about 9 ounces. Instead of the traditional clear crystal, however, these glasses are tinged red, making for a very striking contrast with the still-clear stem of the glass. This dichotomy makes for a very conspicuous talking point at any get-together.

The only drawback to ruby wine glasses would be for serious wine connoisseurs who like to savor the appearance of their wine. If you’ve ever watched serious wine tasters, you may have seen them put their glass to the side so they can test the clarity of the wine. A ruby wine glass, of course, will make this task nigh-impossible. If this is an issue for you, you might as well go with a traditional clear crystal glass.

So how much should you expect to pay for ruby wine glasses? In general, you are going to pay about $35-$40 for a set of four glasses or about three times as much as you would pay for traditional wine glasses. You can shop around on the Internet or actually go to a store and maybe find a bargain, but generally this is what you will end up paying. Don’t dismiss this price out of hand, however. If you really want great-looking wine glasses that will get people talking and will last as long as you love drinking wine, go ahead and fork over the dough – it will be worth it!

At the end of the day, ruby wine glasses are perfect for any wine aficionado. If you are really into your wine, you have probably begun to amass a huge assortment of accessories to go with your favorite drink. If you are looking for something interesting to add to your collection of decanters, racks, and corkscrew, consider getting a set of ruby wine glasses. They are great to have around for large get-togethers and are great to have on any Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

Whatever your occasion, these wine glasses make a statement that everyone will hear. They are elegant and striking, without looking cheap. The last thing you want to do, after all, is serve up an expensive wine in a cheap glass! If you want only the best wine, why not get the best glasses you can to go along with it? Ruby wine glasses provide just the right accent to your wine and let everyone know what you are all about. Serious wine collectors are always ready to tell people all about their hobby and bring new connoisseurs into the fold. These glasses are a great way to get that person that’s teetering on the edge of wine enthusiasm and push them headlong into it!

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