Restaurant Wine Glasses: Finding the Best Bargains in Bulk

When you are looking for wine glasses, your first idea may be to look for the cheapest ones you can get, especially if you run a restaurant and need a lot of glasses. That’s fine, but just be aware that in this case you really are getting exactly what you pay for. Wine glasses, in general, tend to emphasize quality over affordability. Most folks (at least the casual wine drinkers running around out there) are satisfied with whatever kind of wine glass they can get their mitts on, such as the popular Riedel glasses, or whatever glasses they got the last time they went to a wine tasting. If you really are looking for restaurant wine glasses in bulk, however, Luminarc is probably the brand you want to look at.

Luminarc makes wine glasses that still manage to retain some quality. This isn’t a company that sprang up overnight in the middle of nowhere to make a quick buck. Their glasses don’t break on you all the time; they actually last! They are affordable and sturdy, plain and simple.

Luminarc is a company that takes great pride in its wine glasses.Their wine glasses are made for the masses; glasses that are priced to sell and great to look at as well. You can usually find them at Macy’s, and other retailers.

How much should you pay for these wine glasses? Well, in general, the cheapest you should pay for wine glasses that you actually want to keep for a while is about $17 for a set of twelve if you go with Luminarc. You can shop around, of course, but glasses priced cheaper than that won’t be worth putting wine in. If you run a restaurant and need to deal in restaurant wine glasses in bulk, you can get a bigger bargain. A case of 36 glasses in this case will cost about $30. Don’t scoff at this price; wine glasses usually sell for a lot more than that! If you want affordable yet elegant wine glasses that will last for a while, though, the price should go over well with you. If you try to save some cash and go with glasses priced even cheaper than Luminarc’s you are going to get some really brittle glasses that are essentially worthless – and your customers will notice.

Basically, Luminarc makes the best restaurant wine glasses. Their glasses are affordable and high in quality. If you really want good glasses for your customers but can’t afford the higher-end glasses, Luminarc glasses are perfect. Don’t be fooled; wine glasses are just as important as this other stuff. Why do you think we don’t drink wine from a plastic cup? Because the right wine glass keeps the wine your customers are drinking at just the right temperature and is elegant looking as well. Luminarc’s wine glasses are high in quality and affordable as well. It doesn’t get much better than that! If you are looking for restaurant wine glasses, Luminarc’s fine products are the best you can do for your business and your customers. To pay any less would be a sin considering the fine wine that your customers will be drinking out of them.

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