Red Wine Resveratrol: One of the Benefits to Wine Drinking

In the 1990s, a phenomenon called the “French Paradox” was discovered and turned the health care community on its collective ear. The paradox is this: the French, who are infamous throughout the world for their consumption of fatty foods (such as cheese), are blessed with a very low incidence of heart issues. How is this so? It’s in the red wine they drink on a daily basis. Since the study that revealed that fact went public, many, if not most, in the health care community have embraced the benefits of the daily drinking of red wine.

Despite what we Americans may think, the benefits of the daily drinking of red wine far exceeds any possible downside, as long as it is in moderation. Any sort of alcohol abuse, without a doubt, will eventually lead to liver disease, alcoholism, and possibly death. A little red wine on a daily basis, however, has the opposite effect.

This whole paradox is made possible by the the antioxidant resveratrol. Scientists that studied red wine resveratrol have discovered that it kills off cancerous cells, decreases the ravages of time/aging, and also helps scrub your arteries clean – which wards off strokes. Red wine resveratrol and the other antioxidants are the building blocks of your cells, especially the cells present in your immune system – the ones that keep you healthy and long-lived!

The benefits of red wine know no bounds when it comes to age and gender. Take the elderly, for example. They can have a little red wine every day and expect to have healthier blood vessels and a reduced risk of ulcers and coronary heart disease. Women, on theother hadn, can expect their red wine resveratrol to help build stronger bones and help decrease stroke risk and ovarian cancer. On the other end of the spectrum, men at risk of heart attack because of high blood pressure can use resveratrol to make that eventuality less likely.

Moderation just cannot be stressed enough in this instance. Don’t use the health benefits you’ve discovered here as an excuse to binge. You can’t drink a gallon of wine every day. 2-3 glasses with meals is all you need. Bingeing will just make you sick or eventually kill you.

We all know that drinking too much alcohol does not do a body good, so don’t kid yourself. On the other hand, drinking red wine in moderation is good for you. It’s a fine line, but just use common sense. There are even red wine resveratrol supplements available if you don’t trust yourself or can’t/won’t drink red wine. If you get such a supplement, investigate the particular brand of supplement and make sure that it contains at least 100 mg of resveratrol in each and every capsule. This way, you are ensuring that you get the same effect as a glass of red wine. Some of the red wine resveratrol supplements out there are skimping on the actualy antioxidant and active ingredient, putting only 2-3 mg of it in each pill, so avoid those if at all possible. Save your money and get the real deal!

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