Red Wine Pill: Reap the Benefits Without Having a Sip

Nearly 20 years ago now, a study introduced the “French Paradox” to the world. This paradox revolved around this: how could people in France, infamous lovers of cheeses and saucy, fatty foods, have a low incidence of heart problems? Eventually, the scientists conducting this study found that just about all French people consume at least one glass a day of red wine starting at a very young age. Voila!

The scientists then focused their microscopes on the contents of red wine to see what was going on. There they discovered a antioxidant called resveratrol. After studying this antioxidant, the scientists figured out that it was at the heart o f the matter, no pun intended. Resveratrol has is a cancer- and age-fighter and even helps to keep arteries clean, preventing stroke. Resveratrol also reduces your chances of developing ulcers and coronary heart disease. If you are female, resveratrol helps fight strokes, osteoporosis, and ovarian cancer. If you are male, this antioxidant helps fight high blood pressure and heart attacks caused by it.

Resveratrol is no cure-all sold by snake oil salemen; it is extremely good for your health. In fact, many companies have taken notice and have started making a red wine pill. If you want the healing effects of resveratrol, but can’t or won’t drink red wine, a red wine pill may be just what the doctor ordered!

Be wary when buying a red wine pill, though. Many of these pills do not have as much resveratrol in them as you might be assuming. Every company that makes them will say great things about their product, but look into the facts. Make sure that the brand you are considering has at least 100 mg of resveratrol in each pill.

A red wine pill will by no means harm you, but you have to make sure that you get what you want out of it. Resveratrol is what you need, and lots of it. Don’t settle for anything less. Otherwise, you will just waste your cash on something that won’t do a whole lot.

If you want your resveratrol but can’t get into red wine (for whatever reason), you should check out a red wine pill. These pills give you all the beneficial effects of red wine without you ever drinking a drop! Just make sure you don’t get on of the pills on the market that contain only 2-3 mg per tablet. You need 100 mg, at least. Do yourself and your body a favor and don’t settle for anything less!

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