Red Wine for Health: Are You Aware of the Impact On Your Health?

The “French Paradox” was discovered several years ago and changed everything we previously thought about red wine. A study trying to figure out how it was that the French, infamous for their consumption of cheese and various fatty foods, are blessed with a very low rate of heart problems. The solution was discovered to lay in the fact that the French drink red wine just about every single day. Drinking red wine for health? Yes!

Despite what you may think, the benefits of red wine far exceed the downside, as long as you enjoy it in moderation. Alcohol abuse, as we all know, is never good and inevitably leads to liver disease and alcoholism in the long run. A little red wine daily, however, is actually good for your health and longevity.

The key to using red wine for health lies in the almost-magical antioxidant resveratrol. This antioxidant kills cancerous cells, decreases the effects of time and aging, and also keeps arteries clean – which makes strokes less likely. Antioxidants such as resveratrol are the building blocks of your cells, especially those in your immune system – which is the system that keeps you healthy and going strong for years.

Drinking red wine for health crosses all barriers of gender and age. The elderly, for example, will have healthier blood vessels and a reduced risk of ulcers and coronary heart disease. Between men and women, resveratrol helps build stronger bones in the fairer sex, along with helping decrease stroke risk and the incidence of ovarian cancer. For guys tempting a heart attack due to high blood pressure, resveratrol makes for a staunch ally.

The sticking point to using red wine for health is moderation. Moderation is what makes longevity possible when applied to many facets of life. Sure, you can go drag racing every day, but eventually you will crash and it’s just more likely if you do it every day. The same thing applies to your wine; you can’t drink a bottles and bottles of wine every day. Two or three glasses with your meal will suffice. Bingeing on nights, weekends or holidays, of course, is another big no-no.

We all know that there’s not an adult on Earth that doesn’t know that too much alcohol is hard on your body. However, way too many people still don’t know that you can drink red wine for health. Awareness is blowing up, though. There are television and radio ads out there pushing resveratrol as a supplement – a great alternative for people that can’t drink red wine but still want to get theri resveratrol. If you get a resveratrol supplement, however, make sure that it has a lot of resveratrol in every tablet – at elast 100 mg. This way, you will be getting roughly the same effect as a glass of red wine from your supplement.

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