Red Wine Face Wash: Exfoliate and Protect Your Face By Following These Tips

Most wine hobbyists are well aware of the awesome health benefits that red wine offers to moderate consumers who drink one glass of red wine a day. Red wine has been consumed for thousands of years as a tonic and serves every part of the human body. Red wine can be found in many health care products, including face wash, which offers even greater benefits than wine itself!

What exactly does red wine offer to the human body? Red wine offers antioxidants and tannins that are natural preservatives within the grape fruit. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which disrupt cell production and replenishment. Free radicals break down DNA during cell reproduction, which is a contributing factor of cancer as mutations occur within the cell.

Red wine is 100% organic and has even been proven to help restore broken tissues within the body with resveratrol, the natural preservative found in grape skins. Moderate wine drinkers also enjoy lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels than those who eat the same diet but do not drink wine. Lower cholesterol and blood pressure means healthier heart tissue and lower incidence of heart attack. From cardiac muscle improvement to internal cleansing, red wine helps people stay healthy, live longer and recover quicker.

Several years ago, dermatologists examined the faces of those who worked at vineyards in France. Dermatologists found that the oils from grapes led to better skin health and more radiance. As a result, one of the newest products on the market is red wine face wash. Red wine face wash contains derivatives from red wine that fight free radicals and help preserve youth. While you won’t get drunk from using red wine face wash, it will ensure a crystal clear complexion and strong skin that’s naturally age-resistant.

Red wine face wash works by gently exfoliating the top layer of your skin, your epidermis. Everyone’s epidermis is constantly renewing at a different rate. This rate changes due to environment, age and stress. Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your skin and lead to dull skin. The best way to maintain radiant smooth skin is daily gentle exfoliating to remove these dead skin cells.

As red wine face wash removes dead skin cells, the natural antioxidants within red wine restores and invigorates the epidermis. This also can help people with acne and skin conditions. The gentle antioxidants promote healing and moisturize the epidermis. After washing, the natural restoratives keep free radicals from attaching to the skin and causing harmful mutations which can lead to skin imperfections and possibly cancer.

Natural preservatives within red wine face wash helps to promote healthy skin renewal which prevents premature aging on the surface of the skin. Preventing dry skin and unhealthy skin turn-over helps prevent wrinkles, liver spots and discoloration. For those already with wrinkles, the restorative properties within red wine face wash helps tighten skin which promotes a youthful appearance.

Red wine face wash is an all natural healing wash that can change your skin and make you feel and look younger, refreshed and renewed.