Red Wine and Weight Loss: Learning the Calories Behind Your Glass of Wine

By now, many people out there have come to accept that a little bit of wine doesn’t hurt – in fact; it really is good for you! There are a few holdouts, but recent research has backed up the idea that wine contains valuable antioxidants that prevent heart disease and help extend life. Even newer research has come to light that shows a connection between red wine and weight loss.
The connection between red wine and weight loss stems from the antioxidant resveratrol. Resveratrol is the ingredient in red win thought to help ward off heart disease and cancer. It is thought to be so effective, in fact, that it has been made into supplements that people all around the world are taking every day to boost their health and extend their life.
So here’s how the connection between red wine and weight loss works: exposure to resveratrol in the laboratory prevented pre-adipocytes (pre-fat cells) from increasing and converting into mature fat cells. These tests were initially conducted on mice fed a high-calorie diet to induce obesity. At the same time, they were fed resveratrol – and it actually helped stave off the obesity! Later, the test was run on human pre-fat cells in a Petri dish. One group was exposed to resveratrol and a control group was not. Normally, human pre-fat cells double in about forty hours. At around forty-eight hours, this occurred in the control dish. The cells in the resveratrol-exposed dish, however, had decreased by a whopping 40-45%.
This all sounds good, but the real red wine and weight loss connection lies in our genes. Resveratrol reacts with SIRT1, a gene associated with aging and metabolism. Studies have found that when you “silence” this gene in the lab, exposure to resveratrol has no effect – so the connection is pretty clear.
Even if you aren’t a big wine drinker, the connection between red wine and weight loss doesn’t have to have no effect on your ability to lose weight. There are supplements out there that are pure resveratrol and let you get the benefits of this antioxidant without having to drink red wine. Take a quick look around online or at your local fitness store and you should be able to find it. As with all things, however, make sure you do a bit of research first and find the supplement that others have found to work the best. Word of mouth is usually the best advocate for a product you will ever find.
All in all, the red wine and weight loss connection is one that more and more doctors and scientists are coming to believe in, but there are still more studies to be held. A lot of the holdout on this idea stems from the idea that alcohol is just bad for you all around, but each generation of doctors and scientists brings with it more fresh ideas such as this one that allows us to use the natural things around us to better our lives.

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