Red Wine and Pregnancy: Learn the Facts to Protect Your Baby

Fifteen years ago, the “French Paradox,” a term referrring to the fact that French people (despite being famous the world over for their love of fatty foods and cheeses) have a very low rate of heart problems, started getting thrown around by doctors and health nuts alike. “How could this be?” everyone wondered aloud. The answer was pretty simple: it was the wine! So of course people began to wonder: what about pregnat women? Can red wine and pregnancy mix despite the common belief that pregnant women should nto consume any alcohol?

In the US (and other countries, of course), we take everything to the extreme, including alcohol. So it’s no surprise that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is what springs to mind when we think about having some wine when pregnant. Despite this, some doctors have actually found that a small amount of wine is actually good for pregnant women.

It’s the antioxidant in red wine – resveratrol – that is the key of course. Studies have shown that resveratrol kills cancerous cells, lessens the shock of aging on the human body, and helps prevent strokes by cleaning out arteries. Antioxidants such as resveratrol form the building blocks of human cells, especially those in people’s immune systems.
Older folks that drink a little red wine daily usually have healthier blood vessels, as well as a lesser likelihood of coronary heart disease and ulcers. On top of this, resveratrol also builds stronger bones lowers stroke risk for women and helps decrease ovarian cancer. Men that have a little healthy red wine every day have their heart attack chances lowered significantly if they are at risk because of high blood pressure.

So with all this considered, should you mix red wine and pregnancy? Really, this is a question best answered by your physician. Most doctors will say that you are tempting fate, and Fetal Alchol Syndrome, by drinking a little red wine when you are pregnant. This can lead to low birth weight, learning disabilities and hyperactivity. OF course, if you drink a lot, more sever problems manifest. A small amount of doctors, however, will tell you that having a few glasses of red wine over the course of your pregnancy won’t make any difference. The main thing to keep in mind is that if you have any doubt, just go without your treasured red wine until your pregnancy is over to be safe.

Everybody believes that you shouldn’t mix red wine and pregnancy, but not that attitude has been moderated a bit with the revelations about the health and red wine connection. One to three glasses of wine every day with dinner, for example, is optimal for a normal, non-prenant adult. Look at TV and radio commercials, you will see the ads of companies selling resveratrol in pill form, which only backs up the health and red wine connection even more. If you are pregnant, you might want to ask your doctor if you can take a supplement and get the same affects, without the alcohol. If you do get a resveratrol supplement, make sure that there is a lot of resveratrol in each pill so that you get the full effect – for you and your baby!

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