Red Wine and Heart Health: Knowing What’s Important

Red wine and hearth health? The very title sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? To the untrained eye, it certainly does, but to those that have been paying attention, it comes as no surprise at all. Years ago, scientists studying the French Paradox- the phenomenon by which people in France, despite eating a lot of cheesy, fatty foods, have a very low rate of heart disease-discovered an antioxidant present in red wine called resveratrol. So basically, French people are self-medicating when they drink a little red wine with their meals every day. Who knew?

Most people on the planet have a fear of becoming an alcoholic or developing liver disease when drinking alcohol every day. However, when you use red wine in cooking or drink it in moderation it is actually very good for your heart, among other things. The connection between red wine and heart health is uncanny.

Various studies have shown that the connection between red wine and heart health goes even further. A little red wine every day helps kill cancer cells, reduces the effects of aging, and helps ward off strokes by keeping your arteries nice and clean. Antioxidants such as resveratrol are your cells’ building blocks, especially the cells in the immune system.

When it comes to red wine and heart health, it promotes healthier blood vessels in older folks, along with reducing coronary heart disease. For men that have high blood pressure, it lowers theincidence of heart attack significantly. But it doesn’t stop there, oh no! A little red wine also reduces ulcer-causing bacteria in the elderly and builds strong bones and decreases stroke and ovarian cancer risk in women.

If you stop and consider the entire process of winemaking, you see that not only has it barely changed over thousands of years, it is done in a manner that is extremely organic and pure. Wine ferments naturally “in the wild,” as it were and has enough preservatives in it naturally for it to keep for about a year and a half. The grapes that red wine is made from have enough inherent sulfites to keep them from rotting on the vine. It’s rather ingenious, and wholly natural!

Lest we forget, moderation is really what it’s all about though. You can’t chug down two bottles of wine on holidays or on the weekend and expect to get the red wine and heart health connection. As a matter of fact, drinking like that will eventually just put you in the hospital or worse.

Nowadays, we all know that drinking too much alcohol is very detrimental to your health, but more and more of us are becoming aware of the red wine and heart health connection. There are programs on CNN that talk about Europeans that drink wine everyday and live to be over 100 years old and there are even resveratrol supplements available over the counter. 1-3 glasses of wine every day with dinner or lunch is what it’s all about. If that doesn’t work for you, you can try a supplement! Either way, it will help your heart!

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