Red Wine and Heart Disease: Is There a Link?

Red wine and hearth disease. Sounds very apropos, doesn’t it? It is, in fact, but not in the way you might think! You might think red wine causes heart disease, but in fact it is just the opposite. A few years ago, scientists examining the French Paradox – the phenomenon by which French people, in spite of eating a lot of fatty, cheesy, sauce-laden foods, have a very low incidence of problems with their hearts – found an antioxidant that naturally occured in red wine called resveratrol. As it turned out, the French were basically self-medicating when they consumed a little red wine with meals daily. How about that!

Most of us fear alcoholism or liver disease when we consider drinking alcohol on a daily basis. News alert: when you cook with red wine or drink it in moderation every day it is good for your heart and your overall health. The way red wine and heart disease are linked is not what most thought.

A glass or three of red wine every day kills cancerous cells, reduces the effects of time and aging on the human body, and helps reduce stroke risk via keeping arteries good and clean. Resveratrol and other antioxidants are your cells’ building blocks, most specifically the cells in the immune system – the cells that guard your body against disease.

When it comes to red wine and heart disease, resveratrol promotes healthier blood vessels in the elderly crowd, along with reducing the chance of coronary heart disease and ulcers. For guys that suffer from have high blood pressure, resveratrol lowers the chance of heart attack by a significant percentage. For the gals, a little red wine every day builds strong bones and decreases stroke and the risk of ovarian cancer.

Think about the process of winemaking. Not only has it changed hardly at all over thousands of years, winemaking is organic and pure. Grapes (which wine is made from) ferment quite naturally in the wild (we don’t even have to touch them!) and has enough natural preservatives for it to stay good for a year and a half. The natural sulfites in these grapes keep them from rotting on the vine. It doesn’t get more natural than that!

You can’t forget about moderation. You can’t use the connection between red wine and heart disease to go out and chug two bottles of wine every day and expect your heart to cheer with glee. On the contrary, binge drinking like that will eventually put you in the sick house or kill you.

Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health and longevity; we all know it and there’s no denying it. On the otehr hand, more and more people every day are getting educated about the red wine and heart disease connection. Even CNN is running shows that talk about Europeans that consume wine everyday and live to be over 100! There are also resveratrol capsules available over the counter to sue as a supplement. 1-3 glasses of wine every day with meals is the optimal amount to shoot for, no more. If that number doesn’t work for your lifestyle, try a resveratrol supplement! That’s what they are there for!

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