Our Daily Red Wine: What You Should Know About Wine Consumption

When word of the “French Paradox” started being thrown around a few years ago, everyone wondered what it was all about. The question was, how could French people, famous for their love of cheese and fatty foods, have such a low rate of heart disease? The answer lied in their moderate daily intake of wine. As it turns out, our daily red wine could be helping our hearts!
In America, we tend to have a fear of developing liver disease and alcoholism when consuming alcohol daily. However, when we enjoy our daily red wine in moderation it is actually very healthy. Wine conveys quite a few positive health benefits whether drunk in moderation or used in cooking.
Study after study has found that a moderate, daily consumption of wine is good for your health. Early studies found a valuable antioxidant in our daily red wine called “resveratrol,” and it was later found in white wine as well. Since then, some American vintners have modified their winemaking process to boost the health benefits of our daily red wine.
Various studies show that our daily red wine kills cancer cells, has anti-aging effects, and helps prevent strokes by keeping your arteries clean. The valuable antioxidants you keep hearing about are essentially the building blocks of your cells, especially in your immune system. Our daily red wine promotes healthier blood vessels in the elderly and reduces coronary heart disease and ulcer-causing bacteria.
Wine also builds stronger bones and decreases ovarian cancer and stroke risk in women, along with lowering the risk of heart attack for men who have high blood pressure. While the exact method by which our daily red wine helps us is not specifically known, it is very beneficial to have some wine everyday – whether with you have a glass with your dinner or us it in cooking.
Think about the process of winemaking. When you really think about it, wine is probably one of the most organic and pure beverages you can get. Wine ferments naturally and naturally has enough preservatives in it for it to last about one-and-half years. The grapes that our daily red wine comes from have a basic level of sulfites that keeps them from rotting while still on the vine.
The key here is moderation. As with just about everything in life, there is such a thing as drinking too much wine. Binge drinking during the holidays, on the weekend, or after work isn’t going to help you combat disease. In fact, consuming too much alcohol is never good and brings a whole bunch of other health problems down on your head.
Everyone these days knows about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol, but not enough know about its beneficial effects when enjoyed in moderation. If you have one to three glasses of wine every day with your dinner, it’s not going to adversely affect your health. On the contrary, it can boost your health and help you combat disease!

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