Making Wine

Making wine is not difficult. In fact, you can make wine out of pretty much any fruit as long as you have the right equipment and ingredients.

You will need a wine making kit to start.  There are a number of places that sell wine making kits.  Doing an online search to find retailers that offer them is the quickest and often the least expensive way to get one.

It takes a bit of time and work to make wine.  For any fruit wine, you need to spend time juicing the fruit; how long it takes depends on how much wine you want to make, but even for a couple of bottles it takes a substantial amount of time and fruit.  It is good to find a fruit market in your area and buy in bulk if you want to make a lot of wine.

Find a good recipe online for the kind of fruit wine you want to make.  If you are new to making wine, then following a recipe is especially important.  Do not try to ‘wing it’ as your wine will most likely not come out well.

Also, it takes time for the wine to settle and be ready to drink.  You will need to leave it bottled for some time before you can enjoy it.  Exactly how long will depend on the kind of wine you are making and how well aged you wish it to be.

Another important point regarding making wine is that you need to thoroughly wash and sterilize all of the wine making equipment and bottles before starting another batch. You sterilize the items by placing them in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes and then allowing them to dry.  If you do not do this, residue from your last wine batch will get into your new batch and ruin the wine.

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