Making Wine from Juice: What You’ll Need to Do

Making wine from juice may seem intimidating at first, but never fear, it’s actually a lot simpler than you may think. It may seem impossible at first blush, but you can actually make wine out of frozen grape juice from your local grocery store!

The first part of making wine from juice is getting the right gear, which includes getting the right kind of juice. The type of juice that you need for this recipe is the frozen juice in a can, and make sure that it doesn’t have any preservatives. When it comes to the gear, fortunately there are winemaking kits out there that will have nearly everything you will need. Most will cost about $80 – $200, and all will have step-by-step instructions for making wine from juice.

The first step in making wine from juice is primary fermentation, a process that takes 3-10 days. For primary fermentation, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions in the kit you have. This step involves adding the yeast, enzymes and sulfites at the appropriate provided times. After everything is combined, cover the fermentation container with some cheesecloth and secure the top (to keep out contaminants) with a rubber band.

Secondary fermentation, obviously, comes next. This step takes place in a glass jug also known as a carboy. Prior to pouring your wine into your carboy, however, make sure you strain it to get the pulp out. Once you have put your wine in your carboy, it needs to ferment for several weeks, during which time you will need to “rack” the wine occasionally. Racking simply means that you are removing sediments from your wine by siphoning it out with a small plastic tube. This tube will usually be in most wine kits, so you don’t have to hunt one down.

The final step in making wine from juice is bottling the wine. It may seem like an afterthought, but proper bottling is integral because if you don’t do it perfectly you will end up with impotable wine. To bottle your wine, siphon it into your bottles using the same small plastic tube that you used when you racked the wine, taking special care to not overflow the bottles. You don’t want to waste it, after all! Once the bottles are all full, cork them and let them sit them upright for 3 days. After the 3 days, store the bottles on their side at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, in a wine cellar or cooler if you can swing it. If red wine is what you are making, you will need to age it for a year at least before popping it open. If you are making white wine, however, you will only need to age it for 6 months-though longer is always better.

Making wine from juice isn’t as difficult a task as most probably assume. The steps provided here coupled with the instructions in your kit is really all you need! Make your own wine and enjoy the fruits of your labors – literally!

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