Making Muscadine Wine: Simple Steps to Great Homemade Wine

Muscadine grapes are a grape native to North America that have been cultivated sine the sixteenth century. Although they can be sued to make jam and jelly, muscadine grapes also make excellent wines. In general, they tend to make a better dessert wine, since sugar is usually added as part of the winemaking process, but some are made into dry table wines. Here will provide a simple process to making muscadine wine.

The first step in making muscadine wine-as is the case with any wine-is to crush the grapes. For this recipe, you’ll need to crush five pounds of grapes and then simmer them for about ten minutes to release the juices. While the grapes are simmering, use a potato masher to press the juices out. Next, while the juice is still hot, stir in 5 pounds of sugar or 2

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