Legacy Red Wine: It Offers a Bounty Like No Other

Legacy Red Wine is a wine kit like no other. These folks take the time to make sure that you know exactly where your grapes are coming from and give you a wide variety of choices when it comes to making red wine in your home. All of their kits take 6 weeks to make and all are simply stunning.

When it comes to variety, Legacy Red Wine is top-notch. First, you have their Bergamais, a refreshing lighter red with full fruit cherry and red berry flavors. The featured grape is Gamay Noir. Then there is their Cabernet / Shiraz, a firm wine with peppery, plum flavors and just a hint of chocolate and oak. Next is Legacy’s Shiraz, a dark, rich red with a bouquet of spice and strawberry. Chocolate, plum, and blackberry flavors round out the palate and its firm tannins promise mid-term ageability.
Legacy Red Wine also has a Barolo, a cherished Italian wine. This red is high in tannin, deep in color, robust and full-bodied with ripe black fruit flavors. They also have a Cabernet / Merlot blend. This wine is rich and dry like a Cab, but fruit-forward soft like a Merlot. Expect it to be full-bodied and warm with a black and red berry bouquet, with a hint of toasted oak. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is something to write home about; it’s an aromatic, ruby red with black currant, plum, spice and oak flavors.
Then there is Legacy’s Chianti, and it’s every bit the famous grape of Italy. Lively, fruity and fresh is the name of the game here. Their Merlot is exceptionally soft and low in tannin, but rich in strawberry, spic, oak, and plum flavors. Their Montepulciano is great as well. It’s a deeply colored, medium-bodied, mellow and smooth red with spicy, fruit-forward flavors. Great ageability.

When it comes to Sangiovese, Legacy Red Wine does not disappoint. This great wine is full-bodied with cherry fruit overtones. Their Vieux Chateau du Roi is great as well, a big, complex, full-bodied blend with a liberal bouquet of ripe elderberries, blackberries, plums, and black cherries. Legacy’s Valpolicella is not to be missed. This wine is ruby red in color, fresh and dry, and features rich fruit flavors.

Legacy’s PRIMO Rosso is not to be overlooked either. It’s a powerful, full-bodied ruby red with incredible complexity and depth. Look for aromas of nutmeg, cloves, candied fruit and black licorice and flavors of blackberry and black cherry with hints of warm oak and spice. Last but not least, we have Legacy’s Pinot Noir, an elegant red with ripe red berry flavors, such as strawberry and cherry.

If you want to make red wine at home, Legacy Red Wine is without a doubt the best you can do. They shop the world for the best grapes to make the best juices and concentrate you can get in wine making kits. They offer a wide variety of varietals so you can choose what kind of wine you want to make – perfect to satisfy any budding winemaker!

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