Leaning Wine Rack: All About This Great Rack

When it comes to wine racks, there are many different types to choose from. All offer different aesthetic qualities as well as qualities that help to reserve the flavor of your wine collection and allow it to age well. One type of wine rack that is very popular and aesthetically pleasing is the leaning wine rack.
A leaning wine rack is essentially a metal or wooden board with holes or shelves designed to hold your wine bottles on their side. All wine racks are designed to hold the bottles on the side to keep the cork wet. If you store your bottles upright, over time the cork will dry out, essentially unsealing your bottle and allowing the wine to spoil.
A leaning wine rack, despite the name, does not necessarily have to lean up against a wall. Many leaning wine rack owner mount their rack on the wall to create a large centerpiece for a particular wall – often in the kitchen. Most leaning wine rack owners, however, lean their rack up against the wall and let it rest on the floor.
One type of leaning wine rack that is particularly pleasing is an old riddling rack. Riddling racks are used in making champagne. They look like large wooden boards with holes for the bottles covering the surface. Before corking, champagne bottles are placed in the holes upside down to allow sediment to settle in the neck. Many riddling racks are A-frames, but there are a few that are leaning. In fact, some folks have taken apart old A-frame riddling racks (they’re usually just held together by hinges) to make two identical leaning wine racks!
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