Lattice Wine Rack: Their Advantages

A lattice wine rack is a type of wine bottle holder that’s extremely popular and comes in many designs and can be made from many types of wood. The lattice looks exactly like a lattice fence (hence the name), but you slide your wine bottle into the space between the latticework. This keeps your bottles nice and snug, free of breakage. A mark of distinction for any wine collector is the time and money they invest in their wine storage. A great wine connoisseur always has more than enough wine bottles and glasses and a stylish way to hold them.

A lattice wine rack is a great investment for any wine drinker that wants to keep their bottles accessible but out of the way. Best of all, a lattice wine rack can be found in almost any budget range, and can fit in the kitchen, bar or cellar.

A lattice wine rack is available in many different kinds of wood and can be part of a freestanding rack or integrated into a preexisting cabinet. If you want to integrate a lattice wine rack into a cabinet, you can get a piece that you can put in yourself or have installed for a fee. The cost of such a lattice depends wholly on what type of wood you want and what size you need. For 17″x29″ lattice (holding 19 bottles) in Cherry, Hickory, Oak or Maple, expect to pay between $34-$43 for each piece, with Cherry being the most expensive and Oak the least. 23″x42″, the other most common size of lattice wine rack pieces for cabinets (which holds 43 bottles), have prices about double twice that much.

If you’re looking for a personalized lattice wine rack, you can get master craftsmen to do all sorts of wonderful things for you if price is no obstacle. Solid dark cherry finish racks that match any kitchen scheme and redwood racks are not unheard of. A good crafstman can really work wonders with wood and his tools – the sky (and your imagination) really is the limit here.

When choosing a lattice wine rack, consider the overall feeling of your home. If you are in a more modern setting, an edgier design works well in the kitchen. For classic homes with traditional d