Large Wine Glasses: When Should You Buy Them

Everybody wonders what they are supposed to get for the adults in their family during the holiday season. When people grow up, you have to ask “What exactly are you supposed to buy that person who has everything?” The children, of course, are easy to buy for – you just get them whatever games or toys are currently hot. But what about the grown-ups? You don’t want the holidays to be a tedious exercise full of mundane gifts, you want your loved ones to remember that day and the gift you gave them for all time! Large wine glasses are but one way to give a hilarious novelty gift that will always be remembered.

While most of us that are old enough to enjoy a glass of wine have one here and there, many simply don’t for one reason of another – and that’s just fine! Fortunately, large wine glasses are great novelty gifts for everyone. These humongous wine glasses make great decorations simply because of their sheer enormity. No matter what capacity they are used in, your loved ones will always think of you whenever they look at their large wine glasses! Large wine glasses are the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast or even a mere dabbler in the world of wine.

In general, there are two sizes of large wine glasses. First, you have the standard large size that is big enough to hold an entire 750 ml bottle of wine. These glasses stand about 9 inches tall and are very impressive. They usually cost about $12, give or take a few dollars. Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when you pull out one of these guys!

Next, you have an even bigger glass! Believe it or not, there are large wine glasses out there that dwarf the previous version. These behemoths hold a whopping 336 ounces of liquid – more than 13 times the capacity of the smaller version! They stand about 21.5 inches tall (or about twice the height of a bottle of wine) and are quite impressive, no matter who you are. At nearly $200 each, these glasses make a better decoration than anything. That’s not to say that you can’t drink out of them, as you certainly can, but it’s simply not that easy because they are simply gigantic! Chalk up the huge price in this case to the vast amount of glass it takes to make these giants!

For the holidays this year, think about getting some large wine glasses for your friends and family (if they are of age, of course!). LArge glasses such as these make great theme gifts when you are trying to figure out what to get for a lot of different people, because it is just so easy to get everybody the same thing, rather than digging up a personalized gift for everybody – especially if there really is nothing those people need. The holiday season, after all, is all about memories, love and giving – not expensive gifts and shiny new gadgets.

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