Italian Wine Online: How to Find What You Want

If you love wine enough to actively search out wines from all across the planet, you may have been dissapointed in some of your first forays. You see, many of us will buy a bottle of wine we see at the liquor store with an Italian name on the label, believing that we are getting something imported and special. When you get it home, however, you find out that you bought a real crummy bottle of wine. You see, the people that make those wines may have imported the vines or juice from Italy, but they’re making it right here in the States and putting an Italian name on the label, knowing that neophyte wine drinkers will flock to it just for that purpose. It’s a pretty smart marketing scheme, but don’t fall for it. The best way to buy Italian wine is online. That way, you know that you are dealing with real wine lvoers that have connections in Europe and can get you the real Italian wine you want.

The first place to buy Italian wine online is These guys really know their stuff, and each wine that they carry comes with a thorough description and rank (if applicable) – and you can even buy them by the case. You can even mix and match the case with different kinds of Italian wine and retain the case discount. They carry Italian wines that run the gamut, from an ’08 Bigi Orvieto Classico for $6.99 to a’06 Antinori Bolgheri Superiore Tenuta Guado Al Tasso for $79.99. is another great place to buy Italian wine online. Snooth is run by another group of folks that really know their wine and have an appreciation for Italian wine. Their Italian wines look to be a bit more high-end, which can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for. Just keep in mind that with wine you really do get what you pay for; the lower the price the lower the quality of the wine. Just like the aforementioned site, they have descriptions and a rating system to let you know how the wines compare to each other. The cheapest Italian wine found at first blush was a Bartenura Malvasia (a table wine) for $13.99, while the most expensive was an ’04 Barolo Pio Cesare for $79.50.

All in all, unless you really have some sort of hook-up with someone in Europe or in the wine industry, the best way to buy Italian wine is online. If you are a bit put off by doing that (yes, there still are some people out there that are uncomfortable with shopping online), you could always try calling the contact number provided on most of these sites and try and talk to an actual person and see if they can give you any recommendations as far as wine and what you are looking for. Don’t be embarassed; the worst-case scenario is that they don’t know. By and large, however, most people that are in the wine business know their stuff and you can expect to hook up with someone knowledgable.