Ice Wine Glasses: How Much Should You Expect to Spend?

There are many different kinds of wine and many different kinds of wine glasses, each with their own purpose. Don’t get overwhelmed, however. While there is a difference between a Chardonnay wine glass and a Syrah wine glass, ice wine glasse by and large are subjective. You see, ice wine glasses (AKA dessert wine glasses) are exactly the same as other wine glasses and they can be of practically anyshape. Ice wine, or dessert wine, if you prefer, lends itself to this sort of jovial lightheartedness.

So who makes the best ice wine glasses? Well, that question is purely subjective and as such it all depends on what you are looking for. Riedel is always a great brand and their glasses are always of high and quality. Riedel isn’t a fly-by-night glassmaking company that makes glasses that crack all the time. Ridel wine glasses are simply sturdy, popular and classy. Some other great brands include Libbey, Luminarc, and Mikasa.

How much should you pay for some ice wine glasses? You will usually pay anywhere from $15-60 for a set, depending on what brand you decide upon. Shop around and see what you come up with, but this range is fairly standard. If you operate a restaurant or catering company and need more, of course, you can expect bigger discounts. A case of 36 ice wine glasses in this example will cost aanywhere from $50-$200, depednign on the brand. This price is failry standard – you ren’t dealing with paper cups, after all! Wine glasses are all about elegance, looks, and utility, so you should be okay with that price range. In this case, you really do get what exactly you pay for. You can try to save some dough and buy cheaper ice wine glasses than those found in this range, but they will be very sub-par.

All in all, just remember that ice wine glasses are pretty much the same thing as ordinary wine glasses. Ice wine is very sweet, which is why it is a dessert wine, and as such there isn’t much a certain kindof glass can do to enhance the experience. If you really down with the wine, however, you may be able to find a certain kind of glass that goes great with ice wine. Either way, you should have a good set of wine glasses for your wine collection. The right glass is just as important as your corkscrews and decanters, so amke sure you get the glasses you want to have for years to come. The best right glasses keep your wine at the right temperature for perfect enjoyment and are aesthetically pleasing, to top it all off. The right ice wine glasses shoudl be within your budget and high in quality, optimally. If you don’t already have a set of wine glasses, you should probably be looking for some right now! The right glass can make your ice wine all that much sweeter to taste!

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