How to Build a Wine Cellar: Simple Steps to Get You Started

If you are a hardcore wine enthusiast, chances are you’ve built up quite a collection of wine. At some point, your wine collection has surpassed the space you have set aside to hold the wine! Whether you just have a rack or have made an investment and gotten a wine cooler, there comes a time when every diehard wine aficionado wants a wine cellar. But how do you go about doing this? Do you just put a rack in the basement and hope for the best? Or do you build your own? If you have the time and money, it’s worth it for you to build your own. Here, we’ll lay out the basics on how to build a wine cellar.

So here’s how to build a wine cellar! First, decide where in your house you want to build your wine cellar. The ideal situation should include sufficient ventilation, a restricted amount of sunlight, and absolute climate control. It should come as no surprise, then, that the above parameters often lead most to putting their wine cellar in their basement or cellar!

Next, you need to frame the wine cellar. For this, you will want to use regular 2×4 or 2×6 construction techniques with ceiling joists, making sure to follow the rules of state and local codes for your region. Once this is done, you can install your vapor barrier. If you can, put your 6mm plastic sheeting on the ceiling and outside walls of the wine cellar room. If for some reason you can’t get to your outside walls, then you should wrap the ceiling and inside walls. This will ensure that any unwanted moisture is kept out and that humidity levels will remain at appropriate levels.

Now you have to place the insulation in the wine cellar. For this you want to use fiberglass or rigid foam or blown-in insulation. Your outside walls and ceiling need R-19 insulation, and the inside walls will need R-13 insulation. Once that is done, you need to choose a material to put on your walls, such as green board, sheetrock, tung or groove wood paneling. Green board, in particular, is good because it is wholly designed to be moisture-resistant. If wood paneling is more your thing, make sure that you pick a rot-resistant wood such as red wood or cedar.

Now you have to put in the floor. You want to avoid carpet, as it will very easily get moldy. Choose other substrates such as vinyl, marble, tile, or slate. After the floor is done, you have to install the door. The main thing you want to focus on with the door is getting a tight seal. To ensure this, use an exterior type of door and weather-strip all four sides. Also, make sure that you lay down a sweep or threshold at the bottom.

The final step is picking out what sort of temperature and humidity regulation you want. Look around online for the right piece of equipment that matches the size of your wine cellar and your budget. Hopefully this will help you learn how to build a wine cellar!