How Many Calories in Red Wine? We Answer Your Questions

There’s no doubt about: America has a weight problem. As our society has developed to be more on-the-go, our diet has gone more and more downhill, becoming high in sugar, salt, and fat. As a result, we’ve physically expanded and obesity is a serious issue. Many wine lovers, overweight or not, have taken heed and have begun to pay attention to the calories in red wine and white wine.
Despite the many health benefits of red wine (more on that later), a glass of red wine has roughly 80 to 105 calories. Most of these will be empty calories, and wholly wasted. This does not mean, however, that you have to ditch the wine in your diet. The calories in red wine are inconsequential when compared to the health benefits, as long as you enjoy your wine in moderation.
The “French Paradox” is the key to enjoying the health benefits of red wine. The French, despite their love of cheese and fatty foods, have a very low rate of heart disease because of their moderate daily consumption of wine.
Studies have repeatedly shown that a moderate, daily consumption of wine is good for you, despite the calories in red wine. A valuable antioxidant called “resveratrol” is what it’s all about. Resveratrol helps kill cancer cells and prevent strokes and has anti-aging effects. Antioxidants, you see, are essentially the cells’ building blocks, especially in our immune systems. Despite the calories in red wine, when drunk in moderation it promotes healthier blood vessels for elderly people and reduces ulcer-causing bacteria and coronary heart disease.
In women, wine helps to decrease stroke risk, build stronger bones and helps to decrease ovarian cancer. In men, wine lowers the risk of heart attack for men who suffer from high blood pressure. Even if you don’t like to drink wine, you can use it in cooking and get the same effect.
When you really think about the process of winemaking, it is very organic and pure. Wine naturally, with no other preservatives added, can stay fresh about one-and-half years. The grapes that wine comes from have enough sulfites in them to keep them from rotting while still on the grapevine.
The key lies in moderation. The calories in red wine are relatively insignificant, but don’t go out and drink a bottle a day. As with everything, there is such a thing having too much wine. Binge drinking is never good, no matter the occasion and isn’t good for you. Drinking too much alcohol is just plain not good for you.
Everybody knows that drinking too much alcohol is a bad idea, but many have no idea about wine’s beneficial effects when drank in moderation. One to three glasses of wine a day will not hurt you. In reality, it can help you! Don’t let wine get lumped in with beer and liquor as a beverage used just to get intoxicated; wine is an exquisite privilege of life to be enjoyed – and it can help keep you healthy!

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